This Shvi’i Shel Pesach, Something Amazing Will Happen



Most among us have heard the powerful well-known teaching of the Gemara (Sotah 2a) that making a shidduch is as difficult as splitting the Yam Suf. Each Shvi’i Shel Pesach, the time of the splitting of the sea, many flock to the tomb of R’ Yonasan Ben Uzziel. Also known as Amukah, R’Yonasan’s kever is universally known as the best place on earth to pray for shidduchim.

Situated in the north of Israel, countless people who long to start their married lives gather there to pray. In the middle of the night each Shvi’i Shel Pesach, Vaad HaRabbanim sends hand-picked emissaries to Amukah, to pray personally for those who donate to their Pesach tzedaka campaign. An unbelievable 90% of past participants of the campaign have since gotten married.

One such participant’s story was included in campaign literature:

“Disappointment after disappointment, mustering the strength to try once more…” writes ‘Yael.’ “Here we go again, another shidduch that didn’t work out. A little before my [34th] birthday I read

some of the yeshu’os stories of Vaad Harabbanim, the ones about shidduchim. It spoke to me, what can I say? I felt like I owe it to myself to at least try. So much money has gone already for shidduchim, what’s another $50 compared to what we spent already? Anyways it’s a mitzvah, so why not try?

So I went ahead and made the donation to Vaad Harabbanim, and I pledged that if I am engaged by Rosh Hashanah, I will add another $100. Yes, $100 in Israel is no sum to laugh at but look, if I get engaged, it’s worth so much more than that, for sure, for sure it’s worth it.

A week later a shidduch was offered. After that everything went fast, so fast, on Rosh Hashanah I was already a newlywed, I was in the clouds. I saw the Sea split before my very eyes.

Please tell people it’s worth it, they should just try it, I am talking about the segulah that Vaad Harabbanim offers, because it works.“

Donations to the campaign go to families living in poverty in Israel. The organization and its campaigns have received the public support of countless gedolim. Those who miss the opportunity to donate before this Shvi’i Shel Pesach will need to wait until next year’s event.



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