Tonight: Lakewood Reception for Vaad Chizuk

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  1. There’s a full article printed in the Yated in the Lakewood section.

    In short we provide Chizuk and Hadracha for our American Yeshiva Bochurim in Eretz Yisroel.

    The same way Eretz Yisroel has incredible opportunities to grow, there are unfortunately many pitfalls, not only Ruchnius ones. Any issue that someone had in the past just gets amplified in EY. We provide trained Yungerleit, and an active hotline, to help our regular Bochurim stay connected. We also organize major Chizuk events where thousands have attended and have been incredibly inspired.

    I’m sure that you heard about the huge Kinnus at the end of the winter Zman in EY where literally thousands attended!

    Have a great Shabbos,

  2. There’s a full article about it in the Yated, Lakewood section.

    In very short, we’re providing very needed support to our regular American Yeshiva Bochurim in Eretz Yisroel.

    We do this in many forms. We have trained Yungerleit in the Yeshivos, we run a daily hotline, and organize major events a number of times of a year where thousands and thousands have attended.

    Thanks for your interest, Have a great Shabbos

  3. Vaad Hachizuk is a beautiful organization which fills a much needed void in being there to support and inspire American yeshiva bochurim learning in Israel. They also provide training and other support to rabbeim and teachers in America.


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