This Tweet From DWS Mocking Reince Priebus Is Pretty Awkward Now

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Today, on the eve of the Democratic National Convention, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz issued a statement saying that she would step down from her position following the conclusion of the convention. Earlier in the day, it was confirmed that she would no longer chair the convention. Her resignation comes after WikiLeaks leaked 20,000 emails showing that the DNC was essentially in the tank for Hillary Clinton the entire primary.

TOWN HALL reports that this makes this smug, in-your-face tweet from Wasserman Schultz last week during the RNC absolutely hilarious:

D Wasserman Schultz ✔ @DWStweets
Hey @Reince – I’m in Cleveland if you need another chair to help keep your convention in order. #RNCinCLE
4:23 PM – 18 Jul 2016
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Perhaps, TOWN HALL comments, the Dems should look into flying Reince Priebus out to Philadelphia to help smooth things over… After all, he managed to make it through his convention without being forced to step down.

The Democratic National Convention begins on Monday and continues through Thursday. [TOWN HALL]



  1. Please don’t say bad things about Hillary Clinton or the DNC. They are as clean as the wind driven snow. I would hope the voters will see the evilness of the bigoted racist mean-spirited Republican party.

  2. Priebus is uncanny loitering joke gain for the RNC. He does not credit blessings with hope. Hope this week is not his shame.

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