This Week: Shabbos Hatzolah in Queens


queens-hatzolahIf you live in Queens, chances are that you will be seeing this sign around town over the next few days. That’s because this coming Shabbos – Parshas Vayeitzei – is the community-wide Queens Shabbos Hatzolah, the most important annual fundraiser for Hatzolah’s Queens Division.

And like the sign, the message is simple – nobody needs to be reminded about how important Hatzolah is to the community, but sometimes we take its existence for granted.

Shabbos Hatzolah is our yearly reminder that Hatzolah needs money to exist. Even though the organization is run entirely by volunteers, the cost of maintaining ambulances, equipment, medications and garages is very high.

If safety and health are your top priorities then supporting Hatzolah should also be a top priority because they ensure the safety for our entire community.

Please remember that this week – Parshas Vayeitzei – Queens Hatzolah is counting on you.

{Mordechai Newscenter}



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