Thousands Demonstrate Against Heretical TV Show in Israel


Thousands of people, including lawmakers from Shas, UTJ, Likud and Yamina, demonstrated outside the Kan public broadcasting headquarters in Har Nof, in protest against a TV program titled “The Jews are Coming,” which portrays current events with offensive skits of Biblical personalities and past gedolim.

Herzliya councilman Elad Tzadikov told the crowd it was ridiculous that the program was being produced with public funding when most Israelis respect religion and tradition.

Kan replaced the publicly funded Israel Broadcasting Authority in 2014.

{ Israel}



  1. This is funny. The children do have a position. We can wonder what will be this exodus change.

    Candidly, its probably a bad show and with this attention, let the shine bet it. But the regulation of Torah is more than protest voice. We must be more stringent.



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