Thousands Have Their Tefillin Checked; Significant Percentage Found Posul

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tefillinFollowing the publication of remarks in a letter by Maran Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, reading, “All yirei Shomayim who are uncertain whether their tefillin [are constructed] in accordance with halacha should have them checked to ensure [the four head compartments] are separate and distinct,” thousands have had their tefillin checked, including talmidei chachomim who lay high-quality tefillin crafted by top tefillin makers.

According to figures obtained by Yated Ne’eman in Israel, a substantial portion were found to be posul, causing shock and consternation among yirei’im. The issue came to the fore following the publication of an investigative report by Binyamin Rabinovitz in Yated Ne’eman’s Hebrew magazine section, stating thousands of Jews every day fail to lay kosher tefillin.

Rav Dovid Morgenstern wrote a detailed response on the matter, and Rav Eliashiv appended to the letter: “Since according to the above a minority of tefillin housings are not properly separated in an externally visible manner, any yirei Shomayim who is uncertain should have his tefillin checked to ensure they are distinct and separate.”

 {Yechiel Sever-Deiah veDibur/ Newscenter}


  1. about 40 years ago I was a Talmid in an out-of-town Yeshiva. A sofer came to check Tfillin & Mezuzos.
    Many out-of-towners that had purchased their Tfillin from rural town Gabbais. were found to be posul. I was standing there when a pair was opened & instead of parshos had color comic strips inside !
    The conclusion was that the Gabbaim had been fooled


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