Thousands Head to the Catskills for Second Visiting Day


visiting-dayThousands of families are heading to the Catskills today for the second  visiting day of summer 2010. All drivers are urged to leave ample time for traveling. Drivers are encouraged to follow posted speed limits, as State Police troopers are on patrol on the highways. The troopers sit with their radar guns, and drivers who do not follow the reduced speed-limits in certain zones will be ticketed. would like to remind its readers to help Catskills Hatzalah, which needs our help to continue its lifesaving work. Checks can be made payable to Catskills Hatzalah and mailed to POB 50, Monticello, NY 12701.

Also, the Catskills Hatzalah GPS Project is available for the general public. There is no charge for the use of these files. The goal of this project has been to allow those who respond to medical emergencies in the Catskills to utilize GPS to save time and get there safely. For more info, click here.

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable visiting day.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Palm Sunday is here again. the Jewish staff at the camps wait with their PALM open to receive their tips. That’s the ONLY real reason for visiting day.

  2. old lakewooder…you need to get ur reality checked. the campers are the ones who look forward to visiting day so they can see their parents and show them the grounds. that was obnoxious of u to think that way. counselors aer nervous enough as it is to meet the parents without ur added comments. maybe if you were on the counselors side youd see things differently. and yes as excited as they are about getting tips, they deserve it. you are probably one of those parents who never visited their kids and you probably felt guilty not giving something to show your appreciation. if you work dont you wait for a bonus or something so your boss shows you appreciation? when it comes to your birthday do you wait for a gift? its all the same. so think about next time u decide not to see ur children or grandchildren on visiting day bec u dont want to tip the counselors and show that appreciation!

  3. He who gives with an ayin TOV WILL RECEIVE FROM THE RIBONO SHEL OLAM accordingly. For the needy in our midst and for all you families with a blessed abundance of children, may hashem send you all loads of nachas and money to finance it. Health and wealth and nachas from all your children, our children, the ribono shel olam’s chosen children, tzoin kdshim, yidishe kinderlech. a ksive v’chasima tova, a git gebentched yohr.

  4. #1 – you don’t like tipping? How about paying the counsellors a decent wage. After all, they are caring for our precious children. Don’t you have children? Don’t you appreciate the counsellors who help provide them with a Torahdik experience at camp?


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