Thousands of Chinuch Atzmai’s Keren Kiruv Children Prepare for Pesach by Baking Matzos and Celebrating the Seder



Chinuch Atzmai’s Kiruv schools turned into matzah bakeries for one day to give thousands of Kiruv children an exciting hands-on experience to get them into the Pesach spirit and Yom Tov joy.

Wearing white aprons and hats, the thousands of children worked with matza dough and rolling pins. They prepared the matzos themselves while learning the halachos of how to prepare the matzah, roll it thin, and bake it quickly so it doesn’t become chometz.

The matzos were baked in an “oven” at the front of each class. While the matzos were baking, the children enthusiastically sang Mah Nishtana and other songs from the Haggada.

Many of the Kiruv schools also arranged Pesach Sedorim in class to familiarize the students as to how a Seder is performed. While the children were sitting around tables with all the special Pesach foods, the Rabbeim demonstrated how to set the Seder plate, matzos, maror and more. They made sure the children fully understood each mitzvah and the reason for it.

During the practice Sedorim, each child had his own Seder plate and they all sung together Mah Nishtaneh and other popular Pesach songs. It was a heartwarming scene.

Most of the thousands of children who are assisted by Chinuch Atzmai’s Keren Kiruv originate from homes that are not Torah observant. Some of them may never have seen a Seder night kept according to Halacha. These children are getting a Torah education because there is a bus that takes them every morning from dozens of distant towns to their Kiruv school. They want to live a life of Torah despite the challenges they face in their own home.

Rabbi Mordechai Karelitz, the Keren’s chairman, says that special events like the class Seder causes a spiritual revolution not only in the child but also in his family. Many parents are inspired and influenced by the wonderful Jewish values that their children bring home and begin to change their lifestyle together with them.


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