Thousands of Israeli Families to Receive 1,000 Shekels Per Child

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Today, a bill that extends the eligibility for an educational grant for each child in first grade thru twelfth grade will go into effect.

In accordance with the proposal of MK Meirav Ben Ari, eligible families of more than four children will receive 1,000 shekels per child ages 6-18 to assist families with the purchase of school-related  items ahead of the new school year.

Until now, only parents of children ages 6-14 in single-parent families and families eligible for income support qualified for this grant. The new law extends the grant to children up to age 18. In order to finance this gran, an additional $33 million shekel was added to the budget.

The grant will be paid for 211,000 children. 78,000 single-parent families will receive the grant for approximately 135,000 children. Some 28,000 large families will receive the grant for approximately 76,000 children. The total cost of the grant payments is approximately NIS 212 million.

David Steger – Israel


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