Thousands of Nonprofit Tzedakos May Lose Tax-Exempt Status


irsMore than 200,000 small nonprofits across the nation, including dozens of tzedakah organizations, are days away from losing their tax-exempt status because they haven’t filed a new form with the Internal Revenue Service. The deadline for the IRS form is tomorrow, and the National Center for Charitable Statistics estimates 214,000 nonprofits that report $25,000 or less in income haven’t filed that form.

If nonprofits file late, officials say it could be months before their tax-exempt status is restored. People who donate to those charities still could deduct expenses because there was no way to know about the change.

Bobby Zarin of the IRS says the new requirement is intended to better track small nonprofits and make information more available to the public.

{ Newscenter}


  1. That it does not affect “church” institutions.(This probably means shuls as well)
    Everyone should ask their accountant if it affect them

  2. If we file a 990 we are okay? This is only for smaller organizations that were exempt from filing a 990?

  3. There’s no reason in the world why tzedakos should miss this filing deadline. That’s their hishtadlus. What are they thinking? File your papers for heaven’s sake!

  4. attention anonymous.Its not so poshut to assume that the i.r.s thinks a shul has a status of a church.You must have a lawyer speak on your behalf to someone in the I.R.S. including sending paperwork Make sure you have the persons name and document it.There are many frum schools set up with shuls under one federal tax id number,and the I.R.S might not differentiate.


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