Thousands Of Palestinians Turn Out In Honor Of Terrorists Who Killed Policewoman

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Thousands of Palestinians turned out to honor three Palestinian terrorists who murdered an Israeli policewoman earlier last week.

The large turnout for the funeral of the three terrorists, Ahmed Abou Al-Roub, Mohammed Kameel, and Ahmad Rajeh Ismail Zakarneh, in the West Bank village of Kabatiya, occurred despite a closure of the village by Israeli security forces, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Earlier on Friday, Israel handed over the bodies of the terrorists to the families on the assurance that they would not use their funerals for a political rally or procession.

The three terrorists killed 19-year-old border policewoman Hadar Cohen and critically injured another female officer in an attack near Shaar Shechem. The terrorists, who were wielding machine guns, pipe bombs, and knives, were shot dead by police at the scene.




    • We know what the answer unfortunately is. Under President Obama the U.S. has moved much closer to the European attitude toward Israel – a supercilious moral superiority that will tolerate grubby little Israel only due to the great forbearance which morally superior entities posses.


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