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The recent tragic events of Lag B’omer in Meron are still so fresh in our minds and hearts.

45 Yidden killed and over 150 were injured, families’ lives forever changed R”l. We are in shock, and understand that we do not understand why. 

However, in the face of tragedy, Klal Yisrael gets stronger by uniting around that which unites us all – Torah learning. Already, thousands of men and boys around the world have taken on mishnayos and daffim of Gemara to learn l’iluy nishmas the 45 victims. 


Join Klal Yisrael in our shared mission to finish Shas in memory of the victims of this horrible tragedy.

Limited Daffim left- don’t let yours slip away!

Go to now to sign up for your daf. 

Multiple Siyumei HaShas are being scheduled for the Shloshim, as so many daffim are being learned.

At the same time, under the leadership of Ki Heim Chayeinu, Yeshivos and Chadarim around the world are joining together to finish Shisha Sidrei Mishnah multiple times. From all corners of the globe, kids and schools are joining.

Are you part of this yet?

If your child’s Yeshiva has not joined yet, or if you would like to learn Mishnayos too (this program is not only for children!) you can go to and sign up. 

The awesome power of the Torah learning of children from hundreds of Yeshivos around the world joining together in a display of Achdus is remarkable. Additionally, harnessing the special potency of the Torah of Tinokos Shel Beis Rabban and learning thousands of Mishnayos will no doubt be a great zechus for the victims of the Meron tragedy.

We may not understand why this happened, but we do know what we can do in response. Let’s commit to learning just one Daf of Gemara or one Perek of Mishnayos today. In just a few minutes we can each make a world of a difference.

Look out for the girls program which is coming soon!


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