Thousands Of Retired NY Teachers Rake In More Than $100K In Pensions

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The number of educators banking six-figure annual pensions in New York City surged 23 percent last year, according to a report.

More than 3,000 retirees drew pensions of more than $100,000 in 2017, according to data compiled by the Empire Center for Public Policy.

Nine educators received pensions of more than $300,000 and five drew more than $400,000.

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  1. Who decided how much these people get paid? Do all retired educators get paid from one single fund?
    We would like to see MTA data as well. It will explain why the revenue cannot cover cost of maintenance.

  2. Crooks on top of crooks. Gangsters! These pigs make Hillary Clinton look like a saint. And the filthy thieves/unions that run the corrupt public school system won’t allow charter schools or school vouchers. DeBlasio should resign in disgrace. How Randi Weingarten is not in a prison cell, is beyond me.

  3. Such a corrupt and dishonest world we are living in today. Its really sad…. And a major chillul Hashem…. Yes it’s not only politicians that are corrupt but frum yidden also R”L and the chillul Hashem it causes can never be done teshuva in this world.

    How much more longer will this continue???

    I’m ashamed to be a frum hid living in a frum community filled with dishonest and corrupt people. “Ki malei haaretz chamas….”

  4. most are frum guys,so the money is going to good people who now learn in senior kollels
    l personally know alot of them,so lets see the positive side here and be happy for them

  5. They get underpaid while being in the School system and they do plenty of overtime in order to earn their living and earn their pension.
    They are not like today’s younger people who demand all their money now and put zero away for later. Then when later comes their crying.
    the older generation put away while working – crying then and doing overtime and summers etc. – but now their living like a human being.
    They did not steal or bribe anyone. They earned every penny of their pension.
    The strange thing about all this that I have no pension because I don’t work for the school system.


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