Thousands Stolen in Checks from Frum NY Store

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crown-heights-store1Brooklyn, NY – Mr. Moishe Andrusier, owner of First Quality Paper Goods in Crown Heights, is dismayed over the loss of hundreds of checks from his store on Erev Pesach.

The long-time owner of the paper goods store on Kingston Avenue said an envelope with hundreds of checks was taken from his store on Erev Pesach, leaving him with a loss of thousands of dollars.

Andrusier is asking readers in Crown Heights to help him locate any of the checks, if they end up at other local businesses.

“I don’t know if the envelope was taken on purpose or by mistake, but it is a great loss for my business,” he told COLlive on Friday.

The checks, made out to Cash or to personal accounts, are identified by a stamp with the numbers 378 on the back.

If anyone comes across any of these checks, please contact Moishe Andrusier at 718-467-8899.

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  1. He should have hired a temp to process the checks immediately if he couldn’t do it himself. He might as well have left an envelope of cash sitting around. Running a business isn’t something that anyone can magically learn .
    Anyone running a small business should talk to their local Small Business Administration (check with your city gov) about proper business procedures, especially when it comes to financial issues.

  2. About six years ago there was a woman in a blond reddish shetil stealing checks. The shomrim of Boro park and flat bush. Kept tabs on her. Try them.


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