Tens of Thousands Watch Matzav.com’s Second Annual Live Carlebach Yahrtzeit Music Webcast With Shua Kessin

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kessin-carlebach-smallWe at Matzav.com would like to thank the tens of thousands who logged on last night to join the Second Annual Live Motzoei Shabbos Matzav.com Music Webcast Featuring Shua Kessin in honor of the yahrtzeit of R’ Shlomo Carlebach z”l. Thousands of visitors came to the site for the webcast that our server crashed within the first ten minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but we are grateful that, due to the efforts of Dovid Makovsky and our other technicians, the site was back up a short while later for close to two hours of musical programming.

The webcast was produced by Ozer Babad, and Shua Kessin was accompanied by an orchestra featuring Yanky Katina, Yaakov Zeines and Jo Blumenthal. The event was broadcast live from Gal Paz on 13th Avenue in Boro Park, and many people joined in person. A special guest at the event was the Pester Rebbe, R’ Yoel Leibovits, who added his special flavor to the event. A special thanks to Chaim Lowy and Yoel Goldstien, who also graciously performed at the event.

The most emotional portion of the event was clearly the dedication of Umacha in memory of R’ Mordechai ben R’ Shmuel Dov Borger z”l, whose tragic passing this past week has left all of us, and Yidden across the globe, in shock. We indeed pray that the words “Umacha Hashem dimah mei’al kol ponim” be brought to fruition bekarov.

A special thank you to the event sponsors, Eli Greenfeld of Greenfield Custom Builders (718.809.9422), Contact Electric Corp. (718.438.4225), and Reel to Reel (718.438.0962).

And again, thanks to all our readers for continuing to make Matzav.com the most sought-after source for authentic news reporting for the global Torah world.

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  1. Im located in Mexico and i must say this broadcast last night was very special very real and a big zchus
    so big thank you to Matzav and To Shua Kessin

  2. When he began the kumzitz with the stated plan to sing niggunim from Rosh Hashana and continue throughout the calendar, and then started to sing “beyeshiva shel ma’ala”, I was very disappointed and think it was min hashamayim that the server crashed in the initial minutes.

  3. You sound like a complete fool
    R’Shlomos greatest thing was his nusach and his tunes in his stories and when he spoke and Kessin did a fabulous job with that and everything else
    Go listen to the other garbage you probably listen to cause your totally mufkar from real music and definitely what R’ Shlomo Carlebach was all about!!
    I was very impressed at the hartz and real connection I felt as a viewer,the nusach and stories were great and yes its a tremendous zichus what Matzav and Kessin pulled off!!!

  4. Heeelllloooo!!!!
    im hearing his songs by many weddings and every music or store i walk into dont you know its out for the world to enjoy

  5. Response to “TO MEVAKESH HASHEM”:
    Do you even know where in the machzor “Beyeshiva shel ma’ala” comes from? I’ve seen, heard, and ENJOYED far better performers do tributes to R’ Shlomo zt”l. If your connection is only to yiddishkeit through music, and you’re mufkar from Torah u’mitzvos, who is the complete fool?

  6. I agree with what he said
    and you do sound like a complete fool and thats putting it nice.
    I read on twitter that they had around 45,673 viewers,which in all honesty is the greatest amount of people ever to watch one show in the jewish world, so obviously this kessin guy does a fabulous job.
    now u can have ur opinion but what and how you said it was completely foolish and spoken like someone who is immature.
    so dont use your torah umitzvis scheme to reuse what u tried to say,since from your comment your obviously not a person who live with torah umitzvos,enough said!!


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