THREAT: PA to Give Trump Team Ultimatum on Peace Plan

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A senior Palestinian source said a decision has been reached to present U.S. envoys Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt with a clear ultimatum at their Aug. 24 meeting with PA President Mahmoud Abbas, Al-Monitor reports.

Unless progress is made within 45 days on launching talks with the Israelis, the Palestinians will consider themselves no longer committed to the U.S. channel and Abbas will turn to an alternative plan “to mobilize anyone and everyone he can for the UN General Assembly session on the establishment of a Palestinian state.”
Abbas surprised members of an Israeli opposition party at an Aug. 20 meeting at his Ramallah headquarters with his harsh criticism of the Trump administration.
{ Israel News}


  1. Is this ‘ the elephant in the room’ question ? Might not Abbas be better served to have all those who opposed the 1947 UN resolution and declared war on Israel stand up in the General Assembly and apologize for going against their wishes ? I can not understand why Abbas is bent on others imposing a ‘ peace ‘ solution. Should not a peace treaty be between both parties ?

  2. If Jared is wise enough to tell Abbas where to put his ultimatum, then he will be our savior. What we need is stop pretending that the “Palestinians” are interested in peace and start worrying about ourselves.

    • No, that would be the normal thing to do. If the Israeli government really wants to protect themselves, then they must go after those dangerous evil Yerushalmies and yeshiva bachurim with a vengeance. Only that will protect the State of Israel. No?

  3. The Palestinian state is Jordan.Trump needs to tell the PA that he’ll make sure they won’t get a dime from anybody if they go through with their ultimatum.

  4. Will someone remind me when Moshe negotiated with Amaleq or Midyan or Bashan or ha-Emori. Or when any alliance of Yhudah or Yisrael with another state had a positive effect. Even Shlomo ended up ceding Western Galil to his “ally” Tzur.
    Oh, this only applies to a kosher malkhus and manhigim?


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