Three Chareidim Arrested for Campaign Against IDF Enlistment

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idf-chareidi-1Three chareidi men were arrested on Wednesday on the suspicion that they conducted a campaign to convince other chareidi men to not enlist in the IDF, Raphael Poch reports for Arutz Sheva. The suspects reside in Bnei Brak and Beitar Illit respectively.

According to the accusation, the three suspects publicized the identities and personal information of chareidim who were planning to enlist, calling them derogatory names and infringing upon their privacy.

It is also believed that the three suspects campaigned against the organizations that were responsible for helping the chareidi men enlist. The suspects published the information and statements via street placards and email lists.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. This was a mixed-up, inaccurate report!
    Where did you hear that there was a list publicizing the names, personal details and unflattering descriptions of chareidim who want to serve in the army? Never saw such a thing. What WAS publicized was a pamphlet called “Hatzayadim” – the hunters i.e. those who seek to ensnare – and included a list of names, pictures, personal details and unflattering descriptions of chareidi people who were contracted by the army to entice chareidi bochurim to enlist. The recruiting tactics are not imaginary – they’re really going on. A friend’s son was once passing by some hall on a Thursday night and some chareidi looking person said, “Come in and have some cholent and good food.” He was curious what it was about, but then he saw a crowd of Meah Shearim people coming there to protest. It turned out to be a set-up to pull yeshiva boys in and convince them to enlist. The fact is that there were boys in there, and not just the ones who are hanging out on the streets anyway. Baruch Hashem, this friend’s son has sipuk in his learning and it did not attract him, but imagine if he were going through a low time and would be pulled in?
    Someone emailed the “Hatzayadim” pamphlet to me and I deleted it because I was turned off by the style. No need for the negative descriptions, but I do understand why they would want to publicize names and pictures to warn people to stay away from the recruiters and to pressure those who agree to taking such a recruiting job to think twice so as not to risk being socially ostracized. Think about it. If a boy is on the street, he doesn’t need to be enticed to join the army – he’ll know how to go on his own. This is about ensnaring boys who otherwise would be learning. As far as the subject of this news item i.e. those who were detained, it’s not clear that they actually published this booklet, but they for sure identify with and belong to the faction behind it. There’s a court case going on already about this, an indictment was served a while ago, the defense submitted material and this detention now is just a spiteful ruse.
    I’m on neither side of the divide – I don’t like the tactics used by both sides and I hold by Gedolim on all sides. I just hate seeing things misrepresented which just deepens the chasm.

  2. #1… If the scenario you describe is accurate (i.e. the recruitment tactics employed) then exposing those involved is 100% justified and I support it fully. This is reminiexcent of what the zionists did in the early days of the movement in Europe, deceptively luring away religious youth to “convert” them to their movement. The more things change, the more they stay the same. What is more, it is exactly the same tactic missionaries use! I find it reprehensible beyond words!

  3. Some free speech, ah?! In the judenrat state, free speech is reserved only for toeiva proponents and the suicidal treasonous socialists.


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