Three Cleaning Ladies Arrested For Stealing Jewelry from Kiryas Yoel Home

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Monroe state police have announced the arrest of three women from the city of Newburgh for second-degree burglary in the Satmar village of Kiryas Yoel, in Monroe.

On January 27, state police members responded to reports of a burglary at a home on Eahal Court in Kiryas Yoel, from which numerous pieces of jewelry had been stolen. During the course of the investigation, three women, who operated a home cleaning service in the community, were reported as suspects. Investigators were able to locate and interview the women, who confessed to their involvement in the burglary.

The three women, Gladis Aguilar, 32, Tania Borjas-Garcia, 34, and Yorleni Varela, 30, were arrested and charged with burglary in the second degree (class C felony). The women were arraigned in the Monroe Court and remanded to Orange County Jail.

It is believed that the women have been involved in several burglaries, some unreported, within Kiryas Yoel. The state police are asking anyone with information to contact the Monore barracks at (845)782-8311.





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