Three Religious US Girls Become IDF Officers

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idfThree new immigrant girls from the US proved they not only can stay religious and serve in the IDF but also can become officers.

The young girls made aliyah as part of the IDF’s “Tzabar” program in which new immigrants don army uniforms and begin serving in the armed forces soon after their arrival in Israel.

The girls — Gila Nussenbaum, Zehava Gail and Kendel Maxbauer – live on the religious Zionist kibbutz of Be’erot Yitzchak, five minutes from Ben Gurion Airport. They hail from Boston, New York and Detroit and are to receive their ranks of officers on Wednesday, in the presence of the parents of at least two of the young women. They serve in the IDF’s Education and Youth Corps.

“We could have signed up for national service like most of the religious girls, yet we chose otherwise, and we did so together. Just like family,” one of the women told the Yisrael HaYom newspaper.

Not all of the girls were “Zionist from birth.” Maxbauer told the newspaper, “It was only toward the beginning of high school that I began to understand the degree of my commitment to Israel as a Jewish state.

“I have many disappointments with regard to living in Israel. Our country is not perfect. Yet still this was my biggest dream, especially as a grandchild of Holocaust survivors who now is going to be an IDF officer.”

As for their life as soldiers with out family in Israel, their friendship keeps them from missing the “old country.”

“We speak half-Hebrew, half-English, a language that not everyone understands. It’s easiest when we go through this process together,” Nussenbaum said.

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  1. Every Gadol B’Yisroel was against Giyos Habanos as a din of yehareg veal yavor, if your intention is to be moche, then do so, if not, just do not mention it at all.

  2. Yashir koach. And as #1 said – if you didn’t do the IDF, if you don’t do miluim – then keep your mouth shut. If you don’t pay your own dues, you have no right to criticize

  3. The Chazon Ish and ALL of our gedolim said

    “Yehorag Val Yavoer”.

    Watch some one serve Avodah Zorah, Murder, Adultery = Lets not be critcical?!

    Watch religious girls join the IDF = Lets not be critcical?!

    We all must cry togehter

  4. I think you are mistaken – to each her own is not correct. Gedolai Yisroel have spoken clearly on the topic of frum girls serving in the IDF.

  5. Critical? Not sure what #1 is worried about. Let’s wish them Mazel Tov on their promotions, and much success in fulfilling their dreams!

  6. “To each her own. PLEASE let’s not be critical!”

    So long we don’t turn their behavior into an ideal. Once you utilize your right (or should it be wrong?) to do so, well, then, I have my obligation to fulfill about right and wrong!

  7. ALL our gedoilem paskened that its Chok v”Lo Yaavor? The Brisker Ruv and the Chazon Ish led the fight then and had forbidden even national service.

    We now see that even for the men, that was mutar, they dont wish to accomodate us.

    We have to remember that the Medina is a Bdieved. Its not our job to dismantle it. But we werent allowed to help build it. We just participate to protect our principles and Torah way of life.

  8. all Rabbanim of past the Chazon Ish the Tchebiner rav Harav Frank also including the national religious Rabbanim like Harav Herzog of the chief rabbinate signed the yehareg val yaavor on girls serving in the army

  9. 1. The Chazon Ish did not pasken yehareg uval yaavor, he only threatened to do so in order to scare Ben-Gurion – and it worked.

    2. Everybody agrees that girls should not go into the Army. Howeever, being that there are those who will not listen there should be frameworks to save what can be saved and perhaps even strenghthen them.

    3. #18, the Medina is not bediavad, it is a chiuv (Pitchei Teshuva Even HaEzer 75:6). The present form of government (which is not the same as the Medina just as, lehavdil elef alfei hevdelim, the Fifth Republic is not the same as France, which has obviously had four others as well as monarchies) has things which must be fixed. If you do not already live here, cme, become a citizen and be part of the solution – at least vote.

  10. Where is our clearity?

    HAve we lost our vision of what a bas yisroel should look like?

    Lets daven that they do Teshuvoh!

  11. Here in the US the beliefe is. Citizents should give up your life for your country.
    The question is wether the US is your country,or the Stste Of Israel is your country.


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