Three Sons to Succeed Bostoner Rebbe as Admorim of Bostoner Chassidus

>>Follow Matzav On Whatsapp!<< has learned that three sons of the Bostoner Rebbe, Rav Levi Yitzchok Horowitz zt”l, will be succeeding their venerated father in leading the Bostoner chassidus. Rav Pinchos Dovid Horowitz, the Chuster Rov of Boro Park, will serve as Bostoner Rebbe in New York; Rav Mayer Alter Horowitz will serve as Bostoner Rebbe in Har Nof, Yerushalayim; and Rav Naftali Horowitz will serve as Bostoner Rebbe in Boston/Brookline, Massachusetts.

The official appointment of the three sons as admorim was made yesterday at seudah shlishis by the Rebbe’s son-in-law, Rav Moshe Chaim Geldzahler.

The three Rebbes were appointed, say Bostoner Chassidim, to avoid any sort of machlokes or rift amongst the chassidus. In a unified fashion, Rav Pinchos Dovid, Rav Mayer and Rav Naftali will embark on carrying on the legacy of their father, who was niftar last Shabbos at the age of 88 after decades of service to Klal Yisroel.

The Rebbe is also survived by his daughters, Rebbetzin Shayna Frankel of Flatbush, wife of Rav Yosef Frankel, Vyelipoler Rov; and Rebbetzin Toby Geldzahler of Har Nof, wife of Rav Moshe Chaim Geldzahler.

A member of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of Eretz Yisroel and a leader in the Agudas Yisroel in America, the Bostoner Rebbe devoted his life to matters concerning the larger Jewish community. The Rebbe launched outreach programs for long lost Jewish youth and galvanized his community to help thousands of immigrants. At the end of World War II, the Rebbe and his Rebbetzin housed and found residences for hundreds of families of newly- arrived, displaced persons. After building a large and successful kehillah in Boston and later Brookline, the Rebbe turned his efforts, in 1984, to creating a branch of his American community in Israel.

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  1. This is how it should be done. No fighting, no din torah. The sons want to keep their father’s legacy alive without any infighting or jealousy. Kol Hakavod. May they all be matzliach.

  2. It is a most beautiful gesture to avoid machlokes and all three should become Rebbe.

    But remember! you cannot do this by other similar circumstances. The Rebbe ZT”L does not leave over a legion of Chassidim. Boston is dividing a name only. The Bostoner Rebbe ZT”L was a most Choshiveh and honored Rebbe. However, they are truly dividing nothing. Bostoner Chassidus have No Yeshivas, No Mosdos, No buildings, No chassidim, etc. All three brothers live in completely different areas, with each leading their own shul. This process cannot unfortunately be carried forward to others (eg Ponovitch, Satmar, Bobov Viznitz). Nothing would have changed whether they did or did not divide the chassidus.

    This does not in any way deflect on the beauty of what these choshiva brothers, the Rebbes, did. It is truly a kiddush shem Shomayim.

  3. So now there are 5 Bostoner Rebbe’s. The Rebbe’s 3 sons, and the Rebbe’s brother’s 2 sons. (The Rebbe’s older brother was Rebbe the same time as the recently niftar Rebbe.)

  4. Comment #5 appears to be correct. There are 2 other Bostoner Rebbes anyway in New York as comment #6 states.

    No one was in each others hair, and no one stood to gain or lose if they would have fought. When there is an on going business with merchandise and property and customers and nechosim and one stands aside and gives it to the other, thats another story. Its takeh not comparable to other situations.

    What they did gain by all three amicably becoming Rebbe, is that everyone says Hinei Ma Tov Sheves Achim…
    Hashem should help all 5 Bostoner Rebbes that they should prosper and be able to accomplish alot for Yiddishkeit as their parents and grandparents did.

  5. Interestingly Bostoner Chassidus is connected to Lelov Chassidus, and when the after the Lelover Rebbe was Niftar, His three sons succeeded him as Lelover Rebbes.

  6. lulei mistafina – I would think of writing an open letter urging EVERYONE to desist from machlokes.
    In my humble opinion the peirud and machlokes among the elite of yidishkeit is more detrimental to the ge’ula than all of the mechalelei shabbos together R”L. The ge’ula can come about berachamim and bimhera if there is true achdus ke’ish echad be’lev echad among Torah Jewry. It’s not only the strive between chassidim – our litvishe brothers may also want to change the condescending hashkofo towards chassidus that is still around.

  7. Too many Rebbes, not enough Chasidim?… We should ALL one day zocheh to be Bostoner Rebbes! If that wont happen, let’s at least try to have their Ahavas Yisroel!!

  8. THE REBBE RATIO BETWEEN LELOV &Boston is still pretty far the current lelovers are #8 spanning over 180years BOSTON IS AROUND for a lot less time70 years more so if there was inner strife to keep it under wraps.P.S. the highest ratio of chassidim to rebbes is nadvorna or is that rebbes to chassidim?

  9. Major Problem : Less chasidim than rebbes. How sad that everyone cannot rally in back of one brother and rebbe so they make 3 rebbes for 2 1/2 chasidim.

  10. How Right, How Right. Why didn’t I think of it first.

    The Real achdus is if all these Rebbes chose one for all chassidim to back. To have three is not achdus its division.

  11. #14 and #18 – the Rebbe, ztvk’l would be laughing out loud if he read your comments. I did. (He loved a good joke.) It’s well known that the beauty of the Rebbe was that he wasn’t interested in “making Bostoner chassidim” or even stam chassidim. He strove to help each Yid achieve their tachlis in serving Hashem, regardless of which derech in Torah or chassidus that led to. Those of us in that statistically small number who call ourselves Bostoners are proud to be part of that legacy. I don’t know how other chassidim feel about their rebbes, but every Bostoner I know (and yes, it does take two hands to count them) feels that they are part of the Horowitz family. Every chossid should be so blessed.

  12. FYI there are plenty of Bostoner Chassidim. Maybe not as many as Bobov or Satmar, but still at least several hundred, mostly in Eretz Yisroel. There are Mosdos in Eretz Yisroel, and there is Project ROFEH in Boston. Each chossid will choose between the three Rebbes which one he wants to give his kvittlach to, and will probably attend tishen and other functions of the other two as well. Bostoner Chassidim feel a personal kesher to the Rebbe’s family as if it were their own, and therefore will continue to maintain a kesher with all the sons. There will B’ezras Hashem be Shalom, and there’s no reason why other chasiidus’n cannot follow suit.

  13. The Bostoner Rebbe zt”l had hundreds of chassidim and also brought yiddishkeit to hundreds of baalei tshuva, of whom I am one, from the 1970s when I was in college. His integrity was unimpeachable, and the way he lived inspired so many college students to become frum.


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