Tlaib: GOP Telling ‘Outright Lies’ on My Holocaust Remarks


Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. was blasted by President Trump and his fellow Republicans after saying in an interview that it gave her “a calming feeling” to think of her Palestinian ancestors giving up their lives and their land to create a safe haven for Jews fleeing the persecution of the Holocaust.

On Monday, Tlaib accused Trump and GOP lawmakers of “spreading outright lies” about her.

“The Holocaust was a horrific persecution of Jewish people and should be remembered as such, nothing short of that. While I conveyed these sentiments during Yahoo’s Skullduggery’s Podcast, it’s shameful that right-wing extremists and GOP leadership, including President Trump, have twisted and misconstrued my words to spread falsehoods rooted in hate,” Tlaib said in a statement Monday.

“Trump has doubled down on his party’s use of the Holocaust to score political points,” she added. “This is yet another attempt by the administration and the GOP to try to distract from their horrible policies, lawless acts, and actual anti-Semitic rhetoric.”

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  1. attention michigan: you got what you voted for, a machseifoh whose onlt use for america is that you voted her in and now she and her fellow muslems can attempt to destroy the USA from within and not have to resort to flying airplanes into buildings

  2. Yidden!! Keep voting for DemocRATs and this is what you will get all over the country. Did even one DemocRAT condemn this toilet mouth Terrorist Palestinian? Even Jewish Congressman like Eliot Engel denied criticizing this abomination who looks like an ugly female impersonator. Keep voting for DemocRATs, the Party that will come back to kill you.

  3. Her comments have been misconstrued. What she meant to say was that her Palestinian ancestors graciously invited the surviving Jews after the Holocaust to join them in Israel. All the alleged subsequent terror attacks are fiction. She loves all Jews.

  4. We’ve been dealing with Holocaust deniers for some time already. Now it’s terrorism deniers. Some voters are getting more than they bargained for…


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