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  1. Nice.

    Nevertheless, the Western Left conveniently disregards this math and comes up with their own half-baked algorithms.

    With all the Syrians being massacred and Iraqi non-Moslems being made homeless, extorted or getting beheaded, the world conveniently seems to turn the other way. Where are calls for cease-fires to ISIS?

    Its okay for Arabs to butcher Arabs. Its not okay for Jews to kill any Arabs.

  2. Since when can you use logical arguments to defend the truth? The world is not interested, nor are they listening.
    History repeats itself. The Jews caused all the troubles of thw world since Har Sinai (“shemishom yordo sinah l’am Yisroel) – it never changed – nor will it change.
    Wake up Yidden. We are still in golus (even if we are in the Ctaskills or vacationing elesewhere).
    We must better ourselves by stopping to talk in Shul, stop taking “loshon hara”, learning more Torah, and doing more chesed.
    We need “rachamim”. Look at whats happening in France, England, and all over Europe. You are not scare? “Can’t happen in America” you say? You are delusional.
    Listen to the UN charging Israelis with war crimes for defending themselves.
    Do you hear the sirens? DO you hear the shofar?
    The Yidden in Hungary did not feel with or believe the Yidden in Poland. Are we repeating history?
    The RBS”O means us also.
    Hashem Yerachem!!

  3. give me a break. hamas doesn’t attach any value to israeli life/ we all KNOW that. it is ISRAEL which values 1 israeli for a thousand terrorists and i fully agree but if you follow this through till the end……


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