Today: 29th Birthday of Mrs. Rivky Holtzberg Hy”d

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gavriel-holtzberg-with-moishyThe Holtzberg and Rosenberg families, parents of R’ Gavriel and Mrs. Rivky Holtzberg Hy”d, noted with sadness that today, the 15th of Av 5769, would have been the the 29th birthday of Mrs. Holtzberg, who was killed in the Mumbai, India, attack on the Nariman Chabad House.

Born in northern Israel as Rivky Rosenberg, she touched many lives with her warm smile and vivacious personality. Countless more were touched when she and her husband, R’ Gavriel, opened the Chabad Center in Mumbai.

On November 26, 2008, Rivky and Gabi’s tireless work and selfless lives came to an abrupt end when terrorists seized the House, murdered the couple and four of their guests.

“We would like to request that everyone say Rivky’s kapital – Kapital Lamed (30) – in honor of her birthday today,” Gabi’s sister said.

Rivky’s memory has been kept alive throughout the world as countless projects and institutions have been established in her name, and over 50 parents have named their children Rivka in her memory.

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  1. It is Customary for someone celebrating a birthday to bestow blessings which are particularly significant as a result of the day. Mrs Rivki Holczberg Hy”d should be Meilitz Yosher on us to finally bring an end to this bitter exile and usher the final redemption so that we all could be reunited in joy.


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