Today, 8 Kislev, the First Anniversary of Pollard’s Release

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Jonathan Pollard was released one year ago today after spending three decades behind bars.

A little known fact is that his release came exactly 30 years, to the very day, after he was first arrested.

It was 31 years ago today, on 8 Kislev 1985, that Pollard, who had worked for Israeli Naval Intelligence, was first arrested in Washington and charged with spying for Israel.

Sentenced to life imprisonment, he was ultimately released one year ago today, though a legal battle continues to be waged against the unfair and restrictive nature of his parole conditions, reported extensively here on



  1. how is it that he is really under a form of house arrest because of some kind of secret he may know from over 30 years ago, and SHE is walking around free?

  2. Let’s continue to demand true freedom & travel for Jonathan to move with Esther to Eretz Yisroel. He deserves at least that after 30 years of unfair imprisonment.

  3. but he is still on watch & needs to remain in NY & cannot return to Israel as he would love to. is that called a free man when he is babysat 24-7?


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