Today’s Yahrtzeits and History – 26 Sivan


yahrtzeit-candlesRav Yonasan ben Uziel, student of Hillel.

Rav Yosi ben Kisma (quoted in Pirke Avos 6:9 and Sanhedrin 98a).

Rav Yehoshua (ben Yosef) Bucksbaum, the Galanta Rav (1944). Author of Ohr P’nei Yehoshua.

Today in History – 26 Sivan

· The Jewish community of Berne, Switzerland forfeited all financial claims against non-Jews, and then were expelled from the country, 1294.
· Second expulsion from France, 1332
· The Taz established this day as a minor Purim for the Jewish community of Alik who were saved in the Chmilnitzki Massacres of 1648-49.
· The Inquisitor of Ancona, Italy decreed that Jews may not live in any municipality where there was no ghetto, 1843.

{Yahrtzeits licensed to Matzav by Manny Saltiel and Newscenter}


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