TODAY: Lechu V’hisparnesu Zeh Mizeh – Parnassah Expo Expected to Draw Thousands

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parnassah-expoThe day has arrived. The historic Nationwide Parnassah Expo and Business Networking Event, following months of feverish preparation and a skyrocketing list of booths and attendees, is here. The event will take place today at the Meadowlands Exposition Center from noon through 8 p.m. played a leading role is disseminating info about the expo, spreading the word about the goal of the event and the general work of R’ Duvi Honig’s Learn and Network organization.

“Thanks to Matzav’s devotion to the project, we were able to reach people from across the region,” an organizer with the expo remarked.

With the expo just hours away, it is clear that there has never been anything of remotely this scale in our community’s history. Figures such as New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, Investors Bank CEO Kevin Cummings, Attorney Nat Lewin, marketing guru Menachem Lubinsky, executives from Goldman Sachs and Co. and PricewaterhouseCoopers, along with countless business owners and activists from within our community, are preparing for their active presence at the expo.

Every attendee or business can look forward to find a priceless associate, client or piece of advice – from somewhere on our vast continent – for future benefit. The following is a brief summation of what you will find at the Meadowlands:


A broad selection of packed sections – including general business enhancement services, businesses catering to specific industries (real estate, healthcare, finance, technology, manufacturing, and others), job fair, academic and vocational training programs, investment capital, seminars, social services, community development, and more. The expo offers abundant tangible resources for those at “Every Stage; Every Age.”


Experts in every imaginable field will be at the expo, delivering seminars and being available to network with every attendee. Many of these individuals are typically out of reach for the ordinary businessman and their advice is valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. At the expo, it is all included in the nominal entrance fee.

Networking Space-

Lots of floor space has been dedicated for networking space. Each expo section will have a spacious “Networking Pavilion” at its side dedicated to attendees with an interest in that section. The pavilion will be split into three parts:

One will be comfortable space for general networking, including some partitioned space for private conversation. Attendees will get to meet many others of various goals, experiences and needs in that field.

The second section of the pavilion will be dedicated to the panels of seasoned experts that will be present in each field. In addition to being available for one-on-one conversation, panelists will hold over a dozen brief, seminar-style Q & A sessions with attendees on a host of pertinent topics.

The third section in the pavilions will be dedicated to “speed networking,” a unique networking tool developed by Reb Duvi and Parnassah Expo. At such a large expo, it can be difficult to determine the right person to speak to. The pavilions will have comfortable round tables and chairs, where attendees will gather and briefly introduce themselves and their particular areas of experience.

Additional Networking Perks-

They include “mobile booths,” where attendees who did not reserve booths in time, yet have services or job openings to offer, can purchase a special conspicuous badge at the door that will offer them a respectable level of visibility to other attendees, including a detailed summation of what they’re looking for or have to offer. This is particularly useful for attendees who are looking to hire, but did not know about that in advance or felt that the number of positions they needed to fill did not justify reserving a booth for the entire day.

Some of the  expo innovations include “Meet your Politician” sections where government officials from various frum neighborhoods will be available to discuss local topics and offer direct constituent services, and “Shtark Tank” sections where attendees with promising ideas and inventions can publicize them and potentially find partners, investors or other resources to turn them into reality.

For more information, you can contact Parnassah Expo at (732)987-7704 or [email protected], or visit You can also receive expo updates via text messaging by texting “Parnassah” to 21800.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. #1,

    Do you know anything about thr organizer? How he had dedicated his life to helping others find parnassa? How this was an outgrowth of last years event, which was an outgrowth of his other projects?

    “There’s no limit to stupid jealousy!”

  2. If any of the Talmidei Chachomim can help me out here: If I remember correctly, the phrase “Lechu Vhisparnesu Zeh Mizeh” is from the beginning of Brachos, and this was an Aitzah that was given by Dovid Hamelech when he was told that the Bnei Yisrael need parnassah. The problem is–there were two refutations that were immediately given to Dovid Hamelech’s response, which were 1. Ein Hakometz Masbia Es Ha’ari, and 2. Ein Habor Mismalei Mechuliaso. This means that the maskana of the Gemara was that Lechu Vhisparnesu Zeh Mizeh is insufficient. I wonder if the “coiners” of this slogan for this expo understood the source of their slogan.

  3. Was at the Expo very dissapointed it did not live up to the hype. it was not a job fare at all. was a general expo with buisnesses promoting thei items and services.

  4. When Matzav is involved with any paid infomercial, I run the other way! All this retoric out of Matzav regarding this is making me extremely uncomfortable!

  5. I saw alot of the behind the scenes… ppl have no idea how much these things cost to run. Its almost frightening. It sickens me to see comments abt the organizers running of with money. Insteaf they give their life and blood to help others with parnassah and try whatever they can to cover the costs.

    Also it was advertised not as a Job fair but as a Parnassah gathering – all types of Parnassah and true their word there was a little of everything giving everyone a chance to join together and help in dif ways of parnassah. I saw many booths in the Business part that said hiring but besides that there was a whole section dedicated to jobs and to people that help you in your job quest. If you didnt follow the signs to go in the career development entrance – you could have asked ppl like myself that were situated on the floor to direct you there. And there were ppl walking around with ribbons that said HIRING – aside from ppl with booths. There will always be naysayers. Registration could have been run more smoothly but there is always next time to improve that. Maybe if more people would volunteer it would help – but all in all most the ppl that I spoke to on the floor at the Expo were happy and positive and I give the organizers a big Pat on the back!

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