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-Communicated- The world of sefarim lovers, collectors and Jewish history buffs has just been enriched with the emergence of a fine new auction house specializing in all things near and dear to Judaica aficionados of every stripe and color.

Legacy Judaica, who has scheduled its first auction, for Wednesday April 13, has quietly been making a name for itself by amassing a colorful collection of antique sefarim and manuscripts in which there is something for everyone, from Incunabula hunters – the Hijar Bible printed in Spain 1490 – to collectors of Stamps and Chasimas (signatures) – R. Ephraim Zalman Margolies’ copy of Urim V’tumim (Karlsruhe 1775 and 1777). The auction will feature a large selection of rare sefarim from the 1500’s and 1600’s and features such gems as Arba’ah Turim by Rabbenu Ya’akov, the “Ba’al HaTurim” , (Riva Di Trento 1561) and a copy of Tanchumos E-l (Salonika 1578) owned by R. Nosson Adler (rebbi of the Chasam Sofer).

Additionally, there is the large selection of rare first editions of sefarim by the early Chasidic greats, such the Famed Chozeh of Lublin’s Divrei emes (Zolkiew 1808) or the equally rare Kesser Torah (Mezirov 1803) written by R. Meir, son of the renowned R. Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev.

The section on Sifrei HaGra contains such classics as the first editions of The Gaon’s pirushim on Mishlei (Shklov 1798), Aggados (Vilna 1800), Sefer Yonah (Vilna 1800) and Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah (Horodna 1806). Also included are R. Chaim of Volozhin’s seminal Nefesh Hachaim (Vilna 1824), and his Ruach Chaim (Vilna 1858) signed by R. Shmuel Salant, and many others.

As can be expected Pesach Haggadas are also represented at the auction, and this section is headed by the first edition of the noteworthy and enormously influential Amsterdam Haggada (Amsterdam 1695). This was the first Haggada, and one of the first sefarim overall to be illustrated with copper engravings.

Of particular interest is the poignant section dedicated to the Holocaust. In this section one finds an Ivory bound siddur with a handwritten dedication incribed from one inmate to a couple, all of whom were then incarcerated in the infamous Thereisenstadt concentration camp.

Perhaps most noteworthy is the Manuscript section where one can find complete tracts such as R. Yisrael Lipschitz’ glosses to Pri Megadim, or a derasha of the Ben Ish Chai for Shabbat Hagadol, as well as a wealth of letters and postcards. This historic collection of letters represents nearly all facets of the Jewish diaspora of the last two hundred years and included communications of R. Mordechai Banet and R. Yosef Shaul Nathanson, as well as R. Chaim of Brisk and R. Yeruchem Levovitz, to name just a few.

This small sampling is just a taste of the treasures to be featured at the auction, and it is certain that anyone who wishes to participate will be enriched by the experience. Legacy Judaica is to be commended for their contribution to the furthering of Judaica’s rich legacy, and may their endeavors be crowned with continued success.

The auction will be taking place today , 4:30pm at The  Freehold Jewish Center, 59 Broad Street Freehold NJ 07728

Bidding will be held live online at:!/catalog/auction/5704facae4b0ea6cf5175bba/1

For more information or to view the catalogue, go to



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