Today’s Yahrtzeits and History – 10 Tammuz

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yahrtzeit-candlesRav Binyamin Levy of Smyrna (1721)

Rav Mordecai of Kremnitz (1813). One of the five sons of the Magid of Zlotchov (Rav Yechiel Michel). One of hios four brothers was Rav Moshe of Zvhil, the first Zvhiller Rebbe. Rav Mordechai was also the father-in-law of Rav Aharon II of Karlin (the Beis Aharon).

Today in History – 10 Tammuz

· Tzidkiyahu HaMelech was captured by the Babylonians after fleeing through a subterranean tunnel to Yericho, 586 BCE
· 12 Jews of Cologne were martyred, 1266.
· Fast observed by the Jewish community of Frankfurt on Main to mark the escape of the Jewish quarter from a major fire, 1720.
· Tzefas was saved from an attack by murderous Arab felajin, 1834.
· The 50-year old Jewish community of the Belgian Congo, consisting of 2500 Jews, fled in the wake of riots which followed independence, 1960

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  1. The Belgian Congo frosts me. They did a dark job. The Belgium we know today just apologized 2 days ago. I think its interesting how Hashem plays our history.


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