Today’s Yahrtzeits and History – 14 Cheshvan

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Rav Yehuda Lowy, grandfather of the Maharal (1539)

Rav Leib Baal HaYisurim in Tzefas (1836)

Rav Aharon Weiss of Benedkwits (1851-1932). At the age of 20, he became Rav of Benedkwits, a town near Munkatch. He opened a yeshiva there. In 1907, he moved his yeshiva to Raswigeff region of Munkatch, where he served as Rav and Dayan.

Rav Avraham Elimelech Perlow of Stolin-Karlin (1891-1942). Born to Rav Yisrael “the Yenuka” of Stolin, Reb Avraham Elimelech married in 1912. He succeeded his father as Rebbe in 1922; most of his father’s Chasidim followed him as he settled in Karlin, while his brother, Rav Dovid of Zlatipol led a flock to Stolin. In 1929, Rav Avraham Elimelech founded a yeshiva in Luninetz. He, his Rebetzin, and his two sons were murdered by local Ukranian peasants. His actual yahrtzeit is not known. This day has been chosen as his Yom Hazikaron. A collection of his chidushei Torah have been recorded as “Kuntres Pri Elimelech” and printed in Yalkut Divrei Aharon and in Birchas Aharon.

Today in History – 14 Cheshvan

·       Jews of Prague miraculously saved from destruction, commemorated by a fast day, ending with a Seudas hoda’ah, 1619.
·       Deportation of all Jewish males from Norway to Aushwitz, 1942.

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  1. Manny, your column is great. In fact it’s the first thing I open to each morning.
    Each year I implore you to correct this error and …. to no avail.
    Above, about the Karliner, know that Reb Dovid’l Zlotipoler was his grandfather (and great uncle). Tye Yenuka, Rav Yisrael married the daughter of Rav Dovid Zlatipoler.

    • Is it possible that the Yenuka had a son – a brother to Rav Avrohom Elimelech – who was named Dovid after his grandfather and was (also) kown as R’ Dovid if Zlatipol?

      • No, it isn’t possible, simply because R Yisroel of Stolin, also known as the Yanuka and the Frankfurter didn’t have a son named Dovid. Not at all.

      • Not a chance! In fact he had six sons זכרונם צדיקים לברכה and none were name Dovid. All were leaders of Chassidim in different places. One brother, Rav Yakov Chaim, came to America and is interred in Detroit.


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