Today’s Yahrtzeits and History – 22 Cheshvan

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Rav Yissachar Dov Rokeach, the third Belzer rebbe (1854-1926)

Rav Moshe Lima, author of Chelkas Mechokek. Early
in the 17th century, he was hired by the city of
Slonim to be its first Rav. While there, he was considered the highest authority in halacha in all of Lithuania. He later served as Rav in Brisk and Vilna.

Rav Ezriel Halevi Horowitz, the “Eizener Kop” of Lublin. Opposed the Chozeh when the latter arrived in Lublin.

Rav Uriel Dovidi (2005). The 14th of 14 children, 9 of whom died in childhood (while 3 others died in early adulthood). His mother, Serach, “demanded” a healthy son, talmid chacham. Rav Uriel had a photographic memory and great analytic ability, despite having had only four years of structured schooling. He lived with and learned from shieks, which helped later during the Iranian revolution. Rav Uriel lost his father at 17, and married his first cousin at 18. He became an expert in Tanach & Midrash, and wrote a Hebrew-Persian dictionary. He became a mohel, a shochet, then became a teacher. He had a large library and owned one of only three sets of Shas in Iran. Rav Uriel moved to Tehran and became one of the two main rabbis of the city. He was personally responsible for keeping shops closed on Shabbos and provided kosher food for Jews in army. When he escaped Iran in 1994, two thousand sefarim had to be left behind; only his Torah Temimah was taken to Israel.

Today in History – 22 Cheshvan

· Jewish physicians barred from treating Christians, Sicily, 1296.
· Proposal to establish independent Jewish homeland in Israel, 1818 (by an English missionary to Czar of Russia).
· British capture Gaza from Turkey, 1917.
· Deportation of Budapest Jews began, 1944.

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  1. “Rav Ezriel Halevi Horowitz, the “Eizener Kop” of Lublin. Opposed the Chozeh when the latter arrived in Lublin.”

    That’s it?
    That’s all there is to say?!!

    How about mentioning why he was called the “Eizener Kup”?
    What about the frequent Torah’dig give-and-take he had with the Chozeh?
    Perhaps you could have mentioned that he was a dedicated Tzaddik and a worthy leader?!

    And btw, he wasn’t just opposed to the Chozeh.
    He was in general a Misnaged.


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