Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 1 Kislev

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flicker_100393Rav Ephraim Alankava, Rav of Telmisan Algeria (on the border with Morocco) and author of Shaar Kevod Shamayim (1441).

Rav Trivash of Mantova, Italy (1551).

Rav Shalom Shachna of Lublin (1490-1558), teacher and father-in-law of the Rema. His grandfather and namesake was Rav of Neustadt and the Gadol Hador in Austria, who along with the Maharil founded the minhagei Ashkenaz that are still prevalent until today. He established the Lublin Yeshiva in 1515 and was succeeded by Rav Shlomo Luria, the Maharshal.

Rav Yosef Shmuel of Cracow (1703), author of Mesoras Hashas. The Chidah, in his biography of Rav Yosef Shmuel, wrote that he learned all of Shas 42 times, fulfilling the commandment “Vedibarto ‘bom’,” (the numerical value of ‘bom’ being 42). He also added that for 25 years he learned standing on his feet and all his learning was Torah lishmah.

Rav Moshe Chaifetz, author of Meleches Shabbos and Meleches Machsheves (1711).

Rav Avraham Eiger of Posen (1846-1914), son of Rav Yehuda Leib Eiger, the first Lubliner Rebbe, grandson of Rav Shlomo Eiger and great-grandson of Rav Akiva Eiger. He succeeded his father as leader of his chasidim from 1882 to 1914. He was the author of a work on Chassidus, Shevet mi-Yehuda. He was also a member of the Vaad Haruchani of the Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin.

Rav Chaim Nosson Dembitzer (1820-1892). Born in Krakow, he did historical research and critical work in the field of Talmudic and rabbinic literature, and wrote about its leading personalities. His sefer, Klilas Yofi, included biographies of rabbis of Lvov, Krakow, and other cities in Poland and Lithuania. His student, Feivel HirschWettstein, wrote his biography, Toledos Maharchan

Rav Moshe Hager of Radovitz, author of Vayikach Moshe (1904). {I don’t know the relationship, but Rebbe Yosef Alter Hager of Radovitz was the son of the Toras Chaim (Rebbe Chaim Hager of Kosov).

Rav Yitzchak Levitan from Aram Tzova (Aleppo) (1911).

Rav Naftali Hertz (Hertzel) Krezmer (1912). He was born in Bialystok to Rav Avraham, a textile merchant, and a grandson of Rav Osher (ben Tzvi) Hakohen, who wrote the Birkas Rosh on Brachos and Nazir. He got married in Ponevezh and remained there, serving as the rov of Yanova and other places. He wrote Noam Hamitzvos.

Rav Yisrael Ungar of Zavna (1936).

Rav Tzadok Shaingarten (1912-2005), Rav of Ohr Torah in Boro Park. Born in Warsaw to staunch Gerrer Chasidim, he learned for two zmanim at Baranovitch before attending Kletzk under Aharon Kotler. Later, her learned at Mir under Rav Yerucham Levovitz from 1932 to 1938, then returned to Warswa. When the Nazis conquered Poland, he fled to Vilna. He traveled with the Mir Yeshiva to Japan and Shanghai. After the war, he moved to New York, married Rebbetzin Ruth.

Reb Yaakov Kasirer, founder and long-time president of Bais Yaakov of Los Angeles (2005). Born in Bistra, Hungary, he lost his parents and many siblings during World War II. In 1946, he married Reizi, a childhood friend of the family, and moved to Bregenz, Austria, on the Swiss border. Two of their three children, Robert and Gabi, were born there. In 1954, they moved to Los Angeles, where their youngest child, Hindy, was born. They were involved in the creation of yeshiva Rav Isacsohn (Toras Emes), then founded Bais Yaakov in 1968, in order to assure that their daughters received a local Torah education. Even after both daughters graduated, however, Mr. Kasirer and his wife assured the ongoing growth and success of Bais Yaakov.

Today in History – 1 Kislev

·       Jews of Paris expelled, 1394.
·       The burning of around 1,000 copies of Shas in Kamenetz-Podolski, Poland, upon the order of Bishop Nicholas Dembowski.
·       Emperor Joseph II of Austria-Hungaria forces Jews to adopt Christian family names, 1787.
·       Sultan Abd al-Majid of Turkey issues his declaration of rights known, 1839. The new reforms guaranteed equality of rights, security and military service for all non- Muslim citizens. However, its implementation was sparse.
·       The British occupied Tel Aviv, 1917.
·       President Roosevelelt, British Prime Minister Churchill, and Soviet leader Stalin began conferring in Tehran during World War II, 1943.

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