Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 4 Adar

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yahrtzeit-candlesRav Achai bar Rav Huna of Rabanan Soverai, 506 CE

The body of R. Meir (MaHaRaM) of Rotenburg’s was released for burial in 1307, fourteen years after his death in the fortress of Ensisheim. He was buried in the old Jewish cemetery of Worms. Next to him was buried R. Alexander Susskind Wimpfen, who gave away his entire fortune to ransom the body. Both graves miraculously escaped Nazi ravaging of the cemetery (born 1215).

Rav Mordechai Leib Mann, rosh yeshiva Beis Hillel in Bnei Brak

Rav Leib Sarah’s (1730-1796). Considered one of the hidden tzadikim by the Baal Shem Tov, he spent his life wandering to raise money for the ransoming of imprisoned.

Rav Avraham (ben Chaim Menachem Bentzion) Blumenkrantz (1944-2007). Born in Palestine four years before the founding of the state of Israel, Reb Avraham and his family were abroad at the outset of the War of Independence. In the early 1950s the family settled in Bogotá, Colombia, where his father became chief rabbi. Reb Avraham came to New York as a teenager to study at Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim under Rav Moshe Feinstein, with whom Rabbi Blumenkrantz maintained a close relationship until Rabbi Feinstein’s death in 1986. Under the guidance of Rav Moshe, Rav Avraham took positions at Staten Island and Brooklyn. He also became Rav in Far Rockaway. He also became well-known for his Pesach guide.

Rav Eliezer (“Lazer”) (ben Avraham Shmuel) Gordon (1841-1910). Born in Chernian, Lithuania, he learned at Rav Yisrael Salanter’s yeshiva in Kovno with Rav Yitzchak Blazer, Rav Simcha Zissel Ziv, and Rav Naftali Amsterdam. He succeeded his father-in-law as rav of Kovno, but left after three months to become rav of Kelm, where he opened a yeshiva. Then he went to Slobodka and stayed for 6 months, then he went to Telshe, which had been started in 1877 by Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel and Rav Eliezer Chavas. In 1897, he hired Rav Leib Chasman as mashgiach to fight off the influences of haskala. Rav Lazer was nifter in London on a fun-raising mission after a fire destroyed the yeshiva in Telshe.

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  1. “He also became a Rav in Far Rockaway” He was a
    Sar Alofim, a broad shouldered posek who dealt with issues that would raise the hair and turn the stomachs of a normal individual. He also had a heart as wide as Mack truck. Chaval al d’abdi udlo mishtakchi.


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