Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 5-6-7 Sivan

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yahrtzeit-candlesYahrtzeits – 5 Sivan

Rav Ze’ev Wolf of Zhitomer, the Ohr Hameir (1797)

-Rav Chaim Yaakov Safran, Kamorna Admor

-Rav Eliyahu of Ziditchov (1875)

-Rav Uri Shraga Kellerman, Ram in Knesses Chizkiyahu – Kfar Chassidim (1993)

Yahrtzeits – 6 Sivan

-Dovid Hamelech ( [837 BCE], (Shabbos 30a, Yerushalmi, Chagiga 2:3)].

-Rav Chaim ben Betzalel, an older brother of the Maharal and a talmid of the Rema in Krakow (1588).

-Rabbi Yisrael ben Eliezer, Baal Shem Tov (1698-1760), founder of Chasidus. When he was thirty-six years old in 1734, Rabbi Yisrael revealed himself to the world. He wrote no books, although many claim to contain his teachings. One available in English is the annotated translation of Tzava’as Harivash, published by Kehos.

-Rav Avraham Shalom Halberstam of Stropkov (1856-1940). The son of Rav Yechezkel Shraga Halberstam, he became Rav and Av Beis Din of Stropkov in 1897. He was called The “miracle rabbi of Stropkov.” His sefer, Divrei Shalom, contains Torah wisdom, and relates the miracles that he wrought.

-Rav Avraham Mordechai Alter, the Imrei Emes of Ger, (1866-1948). The son of Rav Yehuda Leib (Sefas Emes) and a great-grandson of the Chidushei Harim, he was the third Rebbe in the Gur dynasty, the leader of over 250,000 chassidim in pre-WW II Poland. In 1940, he managed to escape with three of his sons to Yisrael. He began to rebuild the Gerrer community in Eretz Yisrael, but he died during the siege of Yerushalayim on Shavuos, 1948.

-Rav Yehuda Rosner, the Imrei Yehuda (1879-1944). Rav Rosner opened a yeshiva in Szekelheid, which he headed throughout his years there. Although he was offered rabbinical positions in larger towns, he refused them on account of his yeshiva. Szekelheid had only 120 Jewish families, and that allowed the Rav to dedicate most of his time and attention to the yeshiva, which ultimately grew until, in the 1930’s, it housed over 300 bachurim.

-Rebbetzin Devorah Margulies, wife of of Rav Lipa Margulies, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Brooklyn (1924-2005). Born in the town of Marashvarshehl, Hungary, Rebbetzin Margulies was the daughter of Rav Binyamin Alter and Chaya Rochel Ruttner. Her mother was a direct descendant of the Mareh Yechezkel.

Yahrtzeits – 7 Sivan

-HaNavi Hoshea ben Beeri

-Avraham ben Avraham, the Ger Tzedek (Count Valentine Potocki) killed al Kiddush Hashem in Vilna, 1749.

-Rav Aharon Tzvi Landau of Biala (1910)

-Rav Zelig Reuven Bengis, author of Liflugos Reuven, av beis din Yerushalayim (1864-1953). His father, Rav Tzvi Hirsch Bengis, was the rav of the town of Shnippishok, Russia. At the age of 17, Reb Zelig Reuven went to learn at Volozhin under the Netziv. There, he learned bechavrusa with both Rav Baruch Ber Lebowitz and Rav Isser Zalman Meltzer. After several years in Volozhin, he married the daughter of Rav Chaim Tzvi Broide, the rav of a town called Shverkina-Zhager and spent eight years in his in-laws’ Home. Afterward, Reb Zelig Reuven became the rav of Bodki, Lithuania. In 1937, Reb Zelig Reuven was asked to fill the position of av beis din of Yerushalayim’s Eida Chareidis. When Reb Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky passed away in 1948, Reb Zelig Reuven succeeded him as rav of the Eida Chareidis in Yerushalayim. He also served as the rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Ohel Moshe in Yerushalayim.

-Rav Shmuel Ehrenfeld of Mattersdorf (1891-1980)

-Rav Shaul Brus (1919-2008). Born in Savin, Poland, he learned at Kamenitz under Rav Baruch Ber Leibowitz. After spending the War years in Siberia, he moved to New York, and was invited to deliver a shiur at Yeshivas Bais Hatalmud. He also gave a daily shiur in the Kopyczynitzer Beis Midrash and became very close to the Rebbe. He eventually became Rosh Yeshiva at Bais Hatalmud.

Today in History – 5 Sivan

· R’ Yehuda b. Dama, one of the Asara Harugei Malchus, was executed by the Romans.
· The brothers Chaim and Yehoshua Reizes of Lemberg, charged with bringing an apostate back to Judaism, were tortured and executed, 1728.
· Expulsion of Jews from Warsaw and its environs, 1784.
· Israel Air Force destroys Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor just before it is to become operative. 1981. In the following days, the U.S. suspends arms deliveries to Israel in the wake of the Baghdad raid and the UN Security Council condemns Israel for the raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor. In years to come, Americans and Saudis begrudgingly admit that this move saved the lives of many of their citizens.

Today in History – 6 Sivan

· The first Jewish sermon preached and published in America was delivered by Rabbi Chaim Isaac Carigal in the Newport Synagogue, 1773.
· Muslims of Baghdad went on a rampage against the Jewish residents. According to government records, 187 Jews were killed and hundreds were wounded. Other sources say these figures were deflated to minimize the event in which the government was complicit – those sources estimate up to 400 killed and 2,000 wounded, 1941.

Today in History – 7 Sivan

· Rabbeinu Tam was stabbed five times during a pogrom in Ramperupt, France, and was saved by passing knight who had had business dealings with him,
· The Inquisition was introduced into Mexico, 1536.
· Jews of Canada were accorded equal political rights with Christians, 1832.

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  1. Rav Reuven Bengis ztl was never Rav of Yerushalayim; rav tzvi pesach frank ztl was rav of yerushalsyim at that time. He became Rav of the Eidah Hachareidi in 1936. Offered the position after the death of rav Zonnenfeld in 1932, Rav Bengis refused to come because the position would put him in conflict with his rebbe, the Netziv’s favorite talmid, Rav Kook ztl. after rav Kook died in 1935, he agreed to come to yerushalayim.

    Ironically, two of his descendants Rav Moshe Taragin and Rav Reuvain Taragin, named for him are Ramim at Zionist yeshivot.


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