Today’s Yahrtzeits & History – 8 Nissan


flicker_1003917Rav Eliyahu Hakadosh of York, Rabbeinu Yom Tov (ben Yitzchak), and several other English Tosafists, who perished at Clifford’s Tower, during the Crusades, 1146.

Rav Eliyahu (ben Binyamin Wolf) Shapiro MiPrague, the Eliyah Rabba on Shulchan Aruch, and Eliyah Zuta on the Levush to Orach Chaim. He was a student of the Magen Avraham in his youth (1660-1712).

Rav Yaakov Tzvi Yales of Premezyl, author of Melo Haroim and Kehillas Yaakov (1825)

Rav Yechiel Michel (ben Aharon) Tikochinsky, author of Gesher HaChaim (1955)

Rav Mordechai of Neshchiz (1740-1800). Descended from the Maharal of Prague and Don Yitzchak Abarbanel, Rav Mordechai was a disciple of Rav Yechiel Michel of Zlotchov. His sayings were collected in Rishpei Eish. He was succeeded by his son, Rav Yitzchak of Neshchiz.

Today in History – 8 Nissan

· The feast of Achashveirosh, which lasted for 180 days, came to an end, 364 BCE
· First rabbinic hisnagdus to Chassidim was announced in Vilna, 1772. A cherem, endorsed by the Vilna Gaon, was published in 1777 and again in 1781.
· Denmarkgrants citizenship to Jews, 1814.
· The Zion Mule Corps, consisting of Jewish volunteers from Palestine, was formed, 1915. This was the first Palestinian Jewish military unit attached to a regular army. It was the forerunner of the Jewish Legion, which was formed in 1918.
· Germanyinvades Denmark and Norway
· Hungaryissued a decree ordering all Jews to wear a yellow star, 1944.

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  1. I think that the year of the murder of Rav Eliyahu HaKodesh of York may be in error. The pogrom at Clifford’s Tower took place in 1290 CE, when Richard I was King. Richard I was not an anti-Semite, but a false rumor spread that as part of a planned Crusade that Jews in England should be attacked. 150 Jews were murdered.


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