Toeivah Groups Rejoice as NJ Gov. Chris Christie Signs Anti-Bullying Law


christie4New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has signed an anti-bullying bill that toeivah rights advocates say is the toughest law of its kind in the nation.

The issue has gotten more attention since a Rutgers University student killed himself last fall.

Christie’s office confirmed that the governor signed the bill on Wednesday.

The law requires anti-bullying programs in public schools and requires college codes of conduct to address bullying. It updates a law that’s been on the books in the state since 2001.



  1. Non-toeivah groups are rejoicing to, even those we find morally repugnant have rights, bh america is heading down the right direction first repealing that vile DADT and now this

  2. I agree – its a disguting headline.
    This bill is very important and
    will protect everyone from bullying.
    Do you really believe that saying
    “toevah” makes you
    more frum??

  3. What does this have to do with that which is toeiva? It is clear that bullying is against the way any society should operate.

  4. This is a big waste of time and taxpayers money to address a problem that’s not a problem. A bigger concern should be kids getting out of college with six figure student loans and no marketable skills — not finding “jobs” for otherwise unemployable “bullying counselors.”

  5. this bill in practice (based on similar but lesser laws passed in other locales) will mandate all public schools teach about toeivah in positive light (see section 26 with looking up the reference).

    This bill was written, and lobbied by the garden state equality New Jeresy’s biggest toei vah advocates who led the so called marriage push last time


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