Toll Increases Take Effect On Port Authority Crossings

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holland-tunnel-tollsIt’s now more expensive to drive across the Hudson.

Toll hikes took effect at all of the Port Authority’s Hudson River crossings early this morning.

Peak-time tolls for E-ZPass holders are now $10.25, 75 cents higher.

During off-peak hours, the E-ZPass toll is now $8.25, also up 75 cents.

Cash tolls for cars at all times are now $13, up from $12.

The toll hikes took effect at 3 a.m.

Many motorists are unhappy about the tolls, but truckers especially are displeased with the increases.

The toll went up $10 for truckers.

The increased tolls may also hit consumers in the pocketbook if truckers raise costs to offset to higher tolls.

Today’s toll hikes are the second of five annual increases approved last year in a process that critics said was rushed and lacked transparency.

The PA agency expects that in 2013, it will make $150 million more in tolls and fares than it did in 2012, according to a proposed budget announced on Friday.

But AAA has claimed the cash is going toward unrelated real estate projects like the World Trade Center. AAA filed a lawsuit last year calling the increases “unprecedented and unlawful.” That suit is ongoing. Read more here.

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