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  1. Two words
    חילול השם

    על זה נאמר בתחילת ספר ישעיה. שריך סוררים וחברי גנבים כלו אהב שחד ורדף שלמונים

    From the
    Greed knows no religious boundary. … That this businessman earned the support of politicians who adamantly rally against illegal immigration — as well as politicians that supposedly support workers’ rights — is such an utter disconnect from reality that every Iowan should be questioning why. The answer is as simple as what led to numerous travesties in Postville, what had otherwise good people willing to look the other way: Greed. … Any area resident who didn’t comprehend the “company store” mentality and total disregard for law behind the Agriprocessors plant were surely clued in once Stephen Bloom’s “Postville” book was published.

    Sholom Rubashkin, who served as Agriprocessors’ day-to-day manager, initially was charged with several crimes — child labor violations by the state, immigration, bank fraud and money laundering at the federal level. It was the money, and the Rubashkin family’s overt attempts to hinder and evade the law, that were Sholom’s downfall. Immigration-related charges were set aside once the executive had been prosecuted and convicted of fraud in 2009, and Rubashkin was acquitted on the child labor violations while awaiting federal sentencing.

    While Rubashkin offered payments to witnesses to flee the country or keep their mouths shut and destroyed other incriminating evidence, prosecutors proved beyond any doubt that financial lenders and business suppliers were bilked out of more than $26 million. The case, since appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, has withstood scrutiny.

    It was by political decree, and not the hands of justice, that Rubashkin was released to his family in New York. Because his sentence was commuted, Rubashkin will continue to serve a period of supervised release and need to provide restitution. The statute of limitations has expired on the other atrocities in Postville. No doubt it’s a small consequence, and far less than what was deserved, but it is a consequence.

    Multiple companies and supposed charities were established by the Rubashkin family. All seemed to be used in one way or another to obscure the truth about how the nation’s then-largest provider of kosher meat was built on a foundation of undocumented workers, animal welfare violations and human rights offenses.

    It was orchestrated nose thumbing at the law, and complete humanitarian disregard. And yet, when it all began to fall apart, no remorse or compassion was forthcoming. Creditors large and small, many of them Iowans, were left holding worthless promises

  2. WOW!
    All these big named Rabbonim are interested in MONEY but they look away from the crime that Rubashkin committed. Yes, there should be simcha for overcoming his unfair, long prison sentence but we must remember that he commited numerous felonies. What a chillul Hashem.

  3. The alleged human rights violations were proven to be false in court – the workers testified to the modern and safe conditions in the plant. No other charges were proven, and as I wrote before, the lenders lost money only because the government, in their hate for Rubashkin, did not allow the plant to be sold for a fare price. If it would have been sold at its assed value, he could have paid back all the lenders with plenty left over.


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