TONIGHT: Shloshim Asifa for Rebbetzin Henie Meisels ע”ה in Brooklyn

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Attention all Sara Schenirer and Seminar Yerushalayim alumni, and friends of Rebbetzin Henie Meisels ע”ה:

A special asifa commemorating our dear teacher, mentor, and friend, Rebbetzin Henie Meisels ע”ה will be held Monday night at 8 p.m., for women only, May 9th, at Sara Schenirer, 4622 14th ave. Brooklyn, NY, and this Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. for men & women, May 11th, at Bnos Yaakov Elementary School in Lakewood, NJ. At 2 Kent Rd.

Please note that the wrong dates were printed elsewhere and the asifos will take place as listed here.

The Brooklyn asifa will be addressed by:

Rebbetzin Tehilla Jaeger נ”י

Rebbetzin Malkie Paretzky נ”י

Mrs. Channa Flam נ”י

Additional family members

The Lakewood asifa will be addressed by:

Harav Dovid Cohen שליט”א

Harav Yaakov Horowitz שליט”א

Rabbi Zev Meisels שליט”א

Additional family members

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