Toms River to Spend $10 Million it Doesn’t Have Just to Keep Frum Jews Out

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More than 50 acres off Route 9 near the Lakewood border could be bought by the township for $10.3 million to protect it from potential development, the Asbury Park Press reports.

The 56 acres of land are located in Toms River’s northern section, off Route 9, between Riverwood Drive and Cox Cro Road, Township Administrator Paul J. Shives said. It is in the area where council members recently voted to ban real estate soliciting for five years after residents complained that aggressive real estate solicitors were ruining their quality of life.

Real estate buyers in the area near the Lakewood border have often been seeking to buy homes for frum families who are interested in moving into the area.

The Press reports that the Township Committee took the first step toward buying the properties Tuesday night, when council members voted 5 to 0 to introduce an ordinance allocating money for the purchase.


Real estate experts tell that Toms River’s decision is perplexing because the township is facing debt and has, in fact, asked Trenton for $8 million in state aid to cover its municipal budget.



  1. “Real estate buyers in the area near the Lakewood border have often been seeking to buy homes for frum families who are interested in moving into the area.”

    Does that mean that frum people are buying homes for themselves? Or that frum people are buying homes and then selling to other people (flipping) for twice the price?

  2. why are people trying to buy homes where they are not wanted? let toms river remain judenrein and let’s us get on with our lives

  3. Anti-orthodox sentiment is so small that numbers of all towns are ready just to laugh that the orthodox jew exists.

    The stronger we get, the more the enemy tries the hate for our existence.

    Torah must grow. Try wearing your frik kippah to bed at night and wrap your fingers tightly with your tzitzits as you read select strong assets and human feelings.

    The key is perfecting the honor of Torah.

    The negativity is so bad the lazy think Israel is just uncle do-good. We are much stronger.

    So make more Torah connections. We need to be hopeful that all of our faces are kept to redemption.

    The world is not yireh enough.

  4. Just because they don’t want people moving in there doesn’t make it antisemetic! How many people want a church moving into jewish neighborhoods or a catholic school? Hmmm… how many jewish neighborhoods would cringe if their neighborhoods started turning goyish.

  5. the whole toms river market is ridiculous. the houses are a fortune and they are not desifgned for frum families. so what are you paying for? Same with jackson. it’s all a fad that makes no sense.


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