Tonight: Chai Lifeline Lakewood Annual Reception

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chai-lifelineThe Lakewood community is gearing up for tonight’s massive display of chizzuk for Chai Lifeline Lakewood at Bais Faiga Hall. The reception is an opportunity for members of the Kehila to show Hakaros Hatov to the organization renowned for the quality and professionalism of its services for children and young parents that are stricken with serious life-threatening illnesses r”l and their families.

Chai Lifeline’s programs are available free of charge to all families, which makes the entire Kehilla’s involvement so much more important. For this reason, the reception co-chairmen, along with the reception committee and the noted askonim who lend their name and support to Chai Lifeline, ask that we all show our support and appreciation by attending the reception on Tuesday evening, July 26, Tamuz 24 at Bais Faiga Hall and contributing generously.

Rabbi Chaim Zalman Herzka will present the Community Service Award to Dr. N. Scott Adzick, Surgeon-in-Chief, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Director of Children’s Hospital Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment. Additionally, Rabbi Mayer Gross will address the reception speaking from a parent’s perspective and a new video depicting Chai lifeline activities will be shown.

As per the request of the Roshei HaYeshiva, the reception will begin at 9:00 PM and the program will commence at 10:00 PM. For more information, please call Rabbi Arye Adest at 732-719-1717.

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