Tonight: Lakewood Cheder Open House at New Campus


lakewood-cheder-campus-smallThe Lakewood Cheder continues to move forward in its effort to accommodate the phenomenal growth of the school. As work continues at the Cheder’s new campus in Lakewood’s Industrial Park, parents, frienand supporters will be given a unique opportunity to gain a glimpse of the 218,000-square-foot building on which the Cheder went to contract this past month.

The urgent need for new and expanded quarters for both The Lakewood Cheder and Bais Faiga Girls School – which together educate some 3,300 children – has long been recognized.           The calls for a new home for the Cheder were answered on Friday, 29 Sivan/June 11, with the signing of a contract on the new building, which is located on thirteen acres on Vasser Avenue in Lakewood. The new campus will house the entire Lakewood Cheder, including a large bais medrash and dining facilities.

Expansion of Bais Faiga Elementary School’s existing campus on Courtney Road to accommodate growing enrollment will begin simultaneously. 

lakewood-cheder-campusTonight, from 7:30 to 9:15 p.m., an open house will be held at 725 Wasser Avenue, at which time parents and friends will be able to tour the new facility of Lakewood’s largest mosad hachinuch.

A building campaign is commencing to help raise the necessary funds to complete the project, and the involvement of parents and friends is critical to the success of such a massive undertaking.

With the Lakewood Cheder and Bais Faiga having received a record number of applications – about 250 for each school, totaling over 500 – this past year, it is clear that parents and the kehillah at large have immense confidence in the chinuch that the Cheder and Bais Faiga have provided for 44 years. This latest project is another exciting page in the storied history of this exceptional mosad.

{ Lakewood News Desk}


  1. I was by the event tonight it gave me great joy to be part of such an amazing school. The building is huge. May they only see hatzlacha from this building and the other ones. They deserve it

  2. Only a mosod like the cheder can pull this off! With it’s dedicaded staff, vaad & parents. May they only have hatzlacha


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