Tonight: Rav Chaim Mendel Brodsky to Be Honored at Zichron Shmayahu Dinner

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rav-chaim-mendel-brodskyThis evening, Yeshiva Gedolah Zichron Shmayahu of Toronto will be holding a dinner marking 20 years of harbotzas haTorah. The rosh yeshiva, Rav Chaim Mendel Brodsky, will be presented with the Harbotzas Torah Award. Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Hauer will be the Guests of Honor and Rabbi Yisroel Jacobovitch will be presented with the Zichron Shmayahu Alumnus Award.

The dinner will be held at the BAYT Banquet Hall, located at 613 Clark Avenue in W. Thornhill, Ontario.

Rav Chaim Mendel Brodsky is a son of Rav Shamshon Brodsky, rov of Bais Medrash Rabbeinu Yaakov Moshe in Flatbush and one of the she’arei knesses hagedolah of the pre-war Mirrer Yeshiva. Rav Chaim Mendel is a son-in-law of Rav Nochum Partzovitz zt”l, famed rosh yeshiva of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. 

Sources tell that Rav Shamshon Brodsky has made the trip from Lakewood, NJ, to attend tonight’s dinner in honor of his son.

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  1. Reb Shamshon insisted on going – there was no stopping him! Although he is frail, Bli Ayin Hora he is as sharp and with it as ever – learning bechavrusah and giving shiurim!
    If you want to get chizuk from Sridei Dor Yoshon – from An Alter Mirer who learned under Reb Yeruchem, go visit him at his son – Reb Moishe – a Talmid Chacham in his own right – home in Lakewood.

  2. Rabbi Shimshon Brodsky Shlita was the Menahel of The Bais Yaakov Bais Miriam in the Bronx which was started in 1958 by the founding Rav, Rabbi Yeruchem Gorelik Z’TL, also of the Mir, and Dean of Zicron Moshe Yeshiva for the boys, which is now in South Fallsburg. The Bais Yaakov moved from the original location on Mt. Eden Ave. to Pelham Parkway, and closed after being in existence for 50 years.
    I was a talmidah in the Bais Yaakov Bais Miriam
    from 1959-1967. We also had Reb. Soloveichik, Reb. Fishman, Rabbi Abba Zions Z’TL, all from the original Mir. The grounding in Yiddishkeit/Haskafah under Rav Brodsky were second to none. Rav Brodsky & the Reb. were at our Chasuna and the Rav came to the Bronx, for the levaya of my beloved Father Z’TL, which was held in the Bais Yaakov Bais Miriam. We are still in touch with the Rav & Reb., ad meah ve esrim shana, every year before Rosh Hashana. May all the Brodsky’s and Klall Yisrael have an abundance of HAGEFEN!!!!!!

  3. Rav Shamshon gives a muser shmuz every thursday at 3:00 in the afternoon for yungeleit, the oilom mamish loves it – the shiur takes placein his son R’ Moshe Tzvi’s house on: 1201 14th St. Lakewood, NJ (Iyr Hatorah)
    P.S. Rav Shamshon Shlit”a actually did shlep to Toronto at his old ripe age bla”h.
    Hakadosh Boruch Hu should bentch him mit gezunte yorin ad mayah v’esrim, that picture of the Rosh HaYeshiva Shlit”a is a little out-dated.

  4. Teh oilom hatorah should chap arayn fun aza gaon fun dem mir, vos vaist altz, un lernt behasmodah yoimom volayloh, the oilom should learn from his shmuzin and shiurim in Lakewood

  5. Lmaàseh my grand-father held of him to be an ilui otzum and a big masmid, so the comments befit this gaon yisroel. (quoted from my grandfather ZT`L)

  6. The alumni put-out a sefer at the dinner – “???? ???”, it has d”t from the Rosh HaYeshiva Shlit”a, the R”Mim and the alumni

  7. #9 Rav Yerucham Gorelik Z’TL was in Shanghai during WW2 with all the tlmidim of Mir. He told us the stories many times over during our lessons and our assemblies. My Parents’ Z’TL were very close to Rav Gorelick and when the Yeshiva had not paid the Kodesh and English teachers their salaries from Sept-Pesach in 1961, my Mother A’H took on a bank loan (without my Father’s knowledge), and paid the teachers all their salary and gave them hand shmura matzos and Kedem wine. She started to rent a chasuna hall on Featherbed Lane in the Bronx, on a weekly basis to start Bingo. She was the bookeeper and whole macher for the Bingo and the whole macher of the school, who volunteered for this without any kovod. She singlehandedly paid all the teachers salary from the proceeds of the Bingo, every month on time. She also had 2 bazaars with new merchandise from wholesalers. You could not leave the bazaar without her and/or the signature of one of the past administrators Z’TL. My Mother A’H never spoke about the heiliger work she had done to pay the teachers on time. Rebbetzin Gorelick A’H told me all this at my Father’s Z’TL levaya, when she cut kriaah, which took place in the Bais Yaakov Bais Miriam school relocated to Pelham Parkway, which they so devotedly worked for. My parent’s Z’TL were one of 3 parents of the whole school (550 girls bli ayin harah, who payed full tuition of $30 per month. My father was the only one who was not a BUSINESSMAN, who paid full tuition. He was a hard working, honest labourer who had his pride and esteem to pay for sechar limmud for his child. Rav Gorelick Z’TL went on to YU and taught there with Rav Soloveichik Z’TL of Boston, whose Reb A’H taught in our Beis Yaakov Beis Miriam.

  8. Can anyone tell me if this is the same family:

    Hyam Brodsky had Shimshon, Moshe, Yehuda, Noske, Zalman, and Hannoch.

    Shimshon married Regina. They had 6 children.
    Is Chaim one of the 6?


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