Video: Tonight – Thousands Expected at Massive Five Towns Rubashkin Unity Event to Be Addressed by Novominsker Rebbe

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pidyon-rubashkin[Video below. Call-in number below.] Thousands of men and women are expected in attendance tonight as the campaign to free Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin and ensure that justice is served arrives in the Five Towns and Far Rockaway area.  The Pidyun Shvuim Fund for Sholom Mordechai will be holding an asifa/rally at 8:15 p.m. Congregation Knesseth Israel, the White Shul, in Far Rockaway.

“I think people are bothered by what they perceive to be the unfairness of the trial and the disparity in the sentencing for a first time offender,” Rabbi Pinchus Lipschutz, editor of Yated Ne’eman and the man largely responsible for the effort, told the Jewish Star.

Rallies drawing tens of thousands have been held in Monsey, Lakewood, Boro Park, Flatbush, Miami and elsewhere.

rubashkinMoney raised will help pay for an appeal that Rubashkin’s legal team, led by Washington attorney Nathan Lewin, will be making on January 3.

The rally, which has the strong support all the local rabbonim and roshei yeshiva, will feature remarks from the Novominsker Rebbe, Rav Yaakov Perlow; Rav Yaakov Bender of Yeshiva Darchei Torah; Rav Eytan Feiner of the White Shul; Rav Ephraim Eliyahu Schapiro of North Miami Beach; and Rav Pinchos Lipschutz.

A special address will be given by Mr. Brett Tolman, former US Attorney of Utah.

The event will be broadcast live. Final arrangement are now being made and further info will be posted on

Click here to view the poster for tonight’s rally.

“There are no personal interests here,” Rabbi Shlomo Meisels of Satmar, who also works for the Pidyun Shvuim Fund, told the Jewish Star. “There are no group or sect affiliations, there are no prior mutual relations or personal connections that are causing this involvement. It’s just pure, unconditional ahavas Yisroel.”

The Jewish Star reports:

Rabbi Hershel Shachter, a rosh kollel at the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary at Yeshiva University, has written a letter of support for the legal defense fund.

“Though it should be clear that we do not condone any illegal actions and the Torah demands that we conduct ourselves honestly in all our dealings and observe the laws of the land, many experts in the legal and political community have expressed fears that Mr. Rubashkin was not afforded a fair trial, by an impartial judge, but rather received an incredibly harsh and unprecedented sentence from a judge who had been working too closely with the prosecution,” Rabbi Shachter wrote in a letter included in the pamphlet. “It is a mitzvah to contribute to and engage in Pidyon Shvuyim on his behalf so that he can afford the legal fees to appeal his trial and sentence.”

Six former U.S. attorneys general have requested leniency for Rubashkin, as have 24 members of Congress, including Rep. Carolyn McCarthy and Rep. Anthony Weiner.

The event will begin at 8:15 p.m. In case of overfill, the event will be broadcast at nearby Shaaray Tefila.

Click below for a video promo ahead of tonight’s event:

[media id=1055 width=400 height=300] 

 Tonight at 8:15, call 718-258-2008, 845-356-6665 option 9 selection 9.


{Yossi Newscenter with The Jewish Star}


  1. Rav Chaim Kanievsky and other gedolim have said that this is truw Pidyon Shvuyim and all Yidden should help as much as they can.

    I will be there tonight. I will be traveling from Brooklyn to attend.

  2. Go, Go and Go. Give, give and give some more.
    This gives Sholom Mordechai tremendous chizuk. Yasher koach to R’ Pinny for spearheading and for being moser nefesh koach, time, money etc. to help another Yid. We have to learn from him.


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