TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE? Omer Bar Lev and Angel Bakery Owner Go To Maran Rav Gershon Edelstein’s Shivah and Write Letters to Apologize

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Omer Bar Lev, the head of Angel Bakery’s board, and Yaron Angel, one of the bakery’s owners, took a significant step on Sunday by going to be menachem avel the children of Maran Rav Gershon Edelstein to express their apologies.

The shivah visit came after a series of events involving Bar Lev and his engagement in radical leftwing politics, including a protest against chareidim at the home of Rav Gershon in Bnei Brak.

Bar Lev was appointed to the bakery’s board after his unsuccessful career as a politician and minister in the Labor party.

In early May, Bar Lev found himself at the aforementioned anti-chareidi protest near the residence of Rav Gershon Edelstein. The protest, marked by a lack of respect towards the centenarian gadol hador, ignited a spontaneous boycott of Angel Bakery initiated by a vast majority of the chareidi community, who demanded that Angel Bakery either dismiss Bar Lev or that he offer a sincere apology. Neither action was taken.

Initially, Angel Bakery attempted to ignore the boycott by claiming that it actually benefited their business, as they were no longer obligated to sell subsidized bread at a financial loss. However, as time passed and the boycott persisted, the credibility of this assertion began to dwindle, as they were losing millions of shekel.

In an unexpected turn of events, Bar Lev and Yaron Angel made the decision to visit Rav Edelstein’s mishpacha to extend their condolences and offer their apologies. Leaving letters of apology behind, they hoped to express their remorse.

Only time will tell whether their apology will be accepted and the boycott lifted.

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    • forgiveness is for those who are sorry, these people first have to prove they actually are!
      Of course there is forgiveness
      but that cannot Trump Common Sense!
      “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”.

      No more can these people be given the benefit of the doubt, they must EARN the trust they seek.

    • The only moving on is to Remember, but never forget! No need to but Angel products!! Stop being naive !! These people hate us and we have an opportunity to hit them where it hurts, THE POCKET!! No need for demonstrations etc. These people know only MONEY!! Any company whose hates their consumers, buy from others. Things will change !!

  1. Is Omer a pork eating michallel Shabbos? What’s the story with Yaron Angel? For all I care Angels bakery can……

  2. Hashem doesn’t say too little too late. The family of the gedolim likely won’t say that either.
    עד יום מותו תחכה לו

  3. Bar Lev should still be fired from his board position! Haters like him shouldn’t be on such a prominent business’s board!

    • Oh, okay. Let me spit in you or your wife’s face, and then I’ll come back a month later and have my PR firm write up for me an apology. I’m sure you’ll be very accepting and move on. Idiot.

  4. Look at the date of the 2nd letter?
    If he couldn’t get his dates right maybe hw should have gone to a religious school!

  5. However the grandson of Angel’s founder is conspicuous by his absence in apologizing.

    He made the most disgusting statement from all of them.

  6. It is never too late to do teshuva, but these people have NOT done teshuva and don’t deserve to be forgiven.
    Bar Lev didn’t just remain silent after the affront. He refused to apologize and was not one whit sorry.
    Nor has the chareidi-hating grandson apologized.
    They are sorry that they lost (and are continuing to lose) a pile of money, but their feelings towards our communities have not changed.
    YH Grossman – עד יום מותו תחכה לו – and we’re still waiting.

  7. “No point in being vindictive. Let’s accept their apology and move on.”
    Are you and the other “forgive” posters Angel’s PR person?
    Bar-Lev still hates us but loves our money. He defended his non-apologetic position more than once but realized with Rav Gershon zatzal’s petira that Angels is just about past the point of no return with the chareidi tzibbur and it was burning a hole in his pocket.
    The vitriolic grandson doesn’t dream of apologizing.
    It’s not a matter of being vindictive but we don’t have to act like fools and accept an insincere apology.
    We’ve already moved on – to other bakeries


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