Top 4 Reasons Companies Hire the Wrong Candidates (And One Smart Solution)

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Finding the right candidate for a job seems easy. Simply print an ad or post on social media, and hope the right candidate will walk through your door. Unfortunately, easier said than done, because recruitment statistics show that 95% of companies make bad hires.

Unclear ads and inefficient interviews produce revolving-door hires; new employees come in, get hired, and then resign or get fired after a short while. If this cycle repeats itself, it can cost a business thousands of dollars for wasted HR expenses and having to fire new employees. Additionally, as much as 80% of employee turnover stems from bad hiring decisions, according to the Harvard Business Review. Mis-hires can damage a company’s productivity, team dynamics, moral and reputation.

Here are the top 4 reasons companies hire the wrong candidates and one innovative, smart solution:

Unclear Job Descriptions

The key to a successful hiring process is to provide a clear definition of responsibilities for the job. Loosely defined positions such as “ manager” or “assistant” often have vague tasks accompanying them. Learn how to define specific tasks, skills and expectations according to the job description. When there is a clarity in job definition, finding the right fit is much easier.

Falling for the Resume

It’s easy to rely on a resume to assess if a candidate meets the requirements you seek. Applicants can make themselves look better by embellishing work experience and skills. However, mannerisms, communication skills, or if a candidate’s a team player, will not come through on a resume. Rather, applicants should be assessed  for soft skills and character traits not detailed in a resume. This can be assessed through a personality quiz or pre-interview.

Mismatched Expectations

Employers and HR staff shouldn’t recycle past job descriptions every time a role needs to be refilled. Remember to keep in mind relevant personality traits and values. A candidate’s relevancy isn’t limited to skills – it also includes company culture and value priorities. Clearly communicating the company’s values and expectations helps interviewees opt out before they become employees.

Non-Standardized Hiring Process

According to a Brandon-Hall’s research report, 69 percent of companies surveyed felt the interview process had the biggest impact on the quality of the hire. Not only that, but companies lacking a consistent pre-employment selection process are five times more likely to make a bad hire. In addition, many times recruiters don’t ask the right questions. Standardizing the hiring process ensures the right questions are asked at the right time.

Now there’s a better way…

The Solution: Use a Smart Process

Investing in technology helps solve the frustrations of hiring. With CandiBots’ innovative, AI-based technology, all four mistakes are addressed and simplified. The system smartly matches potential candidates to your needs, looking at factors like job description, company culture and values; helping you find the right candidates…the easy way.

You’ll spend less time and get better results. Hire Smart, and Hire Happy.

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