Top Clinton Aide Says Campaign Was ‘Foolish’ Not To Address Email Issue More Forcefully


Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was “foolish” not to mount a louder and longer defense of her government email troubles in its last weeks, when the FBI had suddenly reopened the issue and Donald Trump was using it to thrash Clinton daily, a top Clinton aide concludes in a new memoir.

Clinton herself had a gut feeling that she should be addressing the issue more forcefully in those closing days in 2016, but her campaign staff urged a strategy that would show her tackling policy questions that would matter if she won the White House, campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri wrote.

“It was a mistake, although at the time it was hard to accept that telling Hillary to keep bringing up the emails herself could possibly be the right advice,” Palmieri wrote. “But I should have seen that, as unappealing as addressing the issue was, it was what voters needed to hear from Hillary at that moment. She got that.”

(c) 2018, The Washington Post · Anne Gearan 



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