Watch: Top Dem Says Trump Will Make Himself ‘President For Life’



  1. Trump won’t make himself president for life but American citizens will force him to stay on until Moshiach comes.

  2. This Clyburn fellow is an old fool, and succeeds in getting more stupid every time he speaks. Of course, he talks the Democratic Party narrative. This, as well as many other messages haven’t a smidgen of truth. But these idiots believe that people will buy them if repeated often enough. So sad that people with such deficiency of common sense, integrity, credibility, honesty, and basic morality get elected to public service.

  3. I can’t believe these “Three Stooges” think like that, egging on their viewers. Also, I can’t believe that the good, sane Americans in South Carolina actually voted for this “genius.”

  4. I can’t believe this nut case is actually an elected official. He can hardly even articulate his foolish gibberish, so which voters voted for him?

  5. For starters, this same “refusing to leave the White House” was a common meme about Bush as well. I remember seeing it about Bush in the “funnies” (newspapers). Then it was a half-joke. These guys have such contempt for the people that now these guys hope that the people will actually fall for it. As of noon 20 January 2025 Trump simply has no authority no one will listen to him even if no else is sworn in, and further, whoever is sworn in will give the orders. What is he suggesting – that Trump has a secret army ready to invade the country?

    But one strongly suspects (especially given the current “history” of the Democrat rabble) that this is a projection of their own behaviour – that they are the ones who have de facto behaved as if Trump was never elected and as if they are only forced to go along because Trump is threatening them with the military.

    The guy in the video is complaining that Trump is on the phone with Putin? The Guardian had listed every known call made by Putin to world leader in 2014 (up to September of that year): there were 35 calls to Germany (Merkel), 16 to France (Hollande) and 10 to Obama. Can anyone tell me what was said during those 10 calls? And get this – Obama was on the phone with Merkel more than with any other world leader. So one wonders – is she a go-between between Putin and Obama? You know, so that Obama can keep thing secret from his own country?

    In any case, in 2019 the NYT times seems to know (or claims to know) just what was said during Trump’s phone calls as the NYT lists all (they know about). And Carl Berstein of CNN did a similar thing in June 2020.

    This guy in the video claims Trump doesn’t tell jokes? That statement says more about the guy in the video than I every could.


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