Top Palestinian Official Looks To Israel For Life-Saving Transplant

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Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat is suffering from a serious respiratory disease and is on the waiting list for a lung transplant in Israel or the United States, the Ynet website reported on Tuesday.

Erekat, who is also secretary- general of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and one of the most recognizable Palestinian public figures, is reported to be suffering from pulmonary fibrosis and has been informed that a transplant will markedly increase his chances of survival. Read more at JPOST.





  1. What a waste of a kidney. Surely plenty Yidden that could use it.
    Would that make him more accommodating to Israel? Surely not !!
    Let him go in pain…

  2. Perhaps Haniye’s, or Erdogan’s lungs could be transplanted into this “negotiator”? Any two of them breathing at the same time is an absolute waste of good air.

  3. Let this dog drop dead, send him to his brothers in Iran, or Pakistan I’m sure they’ll be happy to give him a lung.

  4. he is jewish!!! his mother is a girl from meah shearim!!! she married a arab many years ago. its a fact i know his cousins chosever talmidei chachamim!!
    his mother was interviewed on cnn a few years ago
    she lives in yericho

  5. If there is a healthy, viable kidney available, it should be gifted to save the life of an honest and deserving individual.


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