Top Palestinian Official: Third Intifada Could ‘Absolutely’ Be On The Way


The Palestinians have a right to confront Israel, and a third intifada may be on the way, senior Palestinian official Nabil Shaath said on Friday.

Shaath, an adviser to Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, said in a July 3 interview by France 24 that Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah had pledged $1 billion in support of the second intifada, which lasted from 2000-2005, and that today, the Arabs and the whole world would stand by the Palestinians if things continue as they have been. Europe will not tolerate an Israeli annexation of the West Bank, he said.

Shaath, who claims to have been U.S. President Donald Trump’s professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said that Trump had been a poor student and is unpredictable, specifically with regard to the issue of Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank. In addition, Shaath said that PLO chairman Yasser Arafat had been “martyred” by Israeli poison because of his position and that the United States will cease to be the leader of the world within five years.




  1. One of the tzaddikim was informed of the first intifada, and he responded that one thing only would bring it to a stop. He said that each and every attack or attempt should be answered with the hanging 10 corpses of terrorists, decapitated in the Palestinian streets. When they see the volumes of dead among their own, it may stop. These animals never stop until brought to their knees. The idiotic idea that they will “negotiate” has proven useless so many times. This is what would be done with jungle animals, and these terrorists are no better. The spoken word, even signed documents mean nothing. A predatory animal would not care about those things, and the Palis don’t either. Such a shane that the current Democrats sympathize with the evil terrorists. Remember in November.

    • That is in a country where there is leadership. Israel’s Prime Ministers have zero power. They are puppets of the self-appointed pro-Arab anti-Israel supreme court of injustice who run the country. So who exactly should follow that advice?


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