Toronto Shooting Suspect Identified As Faisal Hussain

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Canadian officials have identified the suspect in Sunday’s deadly shooting in Toronto as Faisal Hussain, 29.

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit (SIU) said it was releasing his name due “to the exceptional circumstances of this tragic incident”.

In a statement released by the Hussein family apologizing for Faisal’s despicable actions, the family claims that Faisal  suffered from serious mental health challenges and had struggled with untreatable psychosis and depression most of his life.

“Our hearts are in pieces for the victims and for our city as we all come to grips with this terrible tragedy,” they said.

A 10-year-old girl and an 18-year-old woman died after a gunman opened fire on a busy avenue in the Greektown district of Toronto.

Thirteen others were injured in the rampage in Canada’s largest city.


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  1. What a shock he’s Muslim. Thank you Prime Minister Trudeau for bringing these terrorists into the country. Had Hillary G”F been president she’d have been worse as she promised during the campaign allowing 1.5 million into the US.

    • Quebec shooter that killed many last year was 100 % canadian… he killed MUSLIMS in their temple. It seems to happen from any race. Mental illness is the only common factor

    • How do you know he was Muslim because he had a name that seems Muslim to you? His religion did not cause this. His family said he had severe mental problems all his life that they struggled to treat. ” In 2010, Hussain told a friend that he was seeing a psychiatrist about these problems. There were several incidents over the years involving his siblings, including an accident in which Hussain’s sister was killed and another accident in which his brother was put into a coma.” It looks like life was too much for him and unfortunately, like many depressed men, he decided to take innocent people with him. The US has worse shootings than this every day by native-born non-Muslim Americans.

  2. Find me one radical Muslim that is not suffering mental illness. They are all certified crazy people! The entire nation.

  3. The family immigrated here years ago. It has nothing to do with Trudeau. He also suffered from psychosis. Look it up it’s a scary disease.

    • No Ben. He didn’t. Islamists are trained to claim mental illness to hide (under the Islamic doctrine of Tahiya) their true intentions, especially if it may harm the surviving family members or Canadian Muslims. Funny how the statement came out exactly when his identity was revealed by the Toronto Police Service, and is written in impeccable English. Look around you, don’t hide your head in the sand, and see in France, in the UK, and in Canada, mental illness is used to try and avoid implicating the real culprit: Islam.

      • PLEASE Explain the numerous WHITE CHRISTIANS that go on school shooting rampages killing innocents on a normal basis then? ALL white, all CHRISTIAN, all mentally ill. Wake up Rafael

        • Wrong! They are not acting on their Christian beliefs and there is no evidence that points to religions as a factor (I acknowledge that in the US, whites carrying out mass murder is the bulk of these types of attacks, but Islamic attacks are quickly catching up). That is not the case with Islamic terrorists, Leftists like you keep raising the bloody record of other world religions, but it is Islam that is today’s scoure, not Christianity, and certainly not Judaism.

  4. At least the family condemned his actions unlike the wicked people in Gaza who rejoice when their child murders innocent men, women, & children.

  5. So if he’s known to have mental health issues, why on earth did he have access to a gun? I work with people with Mental health and addictions and NONE of them have a gun. You only get/find/steal a gun if you plan to use it. This was clearly the sicko’s plan all along, so please call it what it is. TERRORISM.

  6. By the way, Islam foes not sanction murder. Anyone who has a problem with Islam can take Qur’an verses, with out knowledge of classical Arabic, history or the context related to the verse, and claim that Islam promotes murder.

    In the case of Faisal Hussain, he did not invoke Islam or G_D, Mor fix the Canadian new media claim he did. Faisal, by all accounts, was mentally ill. As well, he lived in a neighbourhood where the purchase of an illegal firearm is easy. He also wasn’t targeting any particular race or religion.

    Faisal did a horrendous thing. Rather than blaming Islam for the ill of the world, one can blame a Canadian legal system that is soft in criminals, resulting in criminals selling drugs and guns without fear of repercussions. As well, one can also blame a medical system that is over loaded and under funded.

    • Daniel – looks like you are engaging in tahiya too! Why does the Left continually cover for Islam? Why is that any reason other than Islam is raised, when the answer is clear. Further, the only evidence of mental illness is the family’s statement, and a “friend” talking about him confiding. Otherwise, there is no corroboration of this claim. Further, the guy appears to have received training, based on how he carried out his terrorist murders. Finally, Islamic terrorists, as can be seen in France, Belgium and other attacks in Europe, don’t just target one religion or ethnicity. Stop hiding your head in the sand!

  7. When a killer targets his own kind and doesn’t try to hide I might consider believing that they are crazy and not responsible

  8. Well at least in NYC the police are told to kill all mentally challenged individuals. Shoot to kill, even if they are not bothering anyone. Sure, just ask Deborah Danner of the Bronx. Police Sgt. Hugh Barry, barges into her apartment, goes into her bedroom and guns her down like a worthless dog. Her crime? Emotional issues. Yup, in NYC that warrants the death penalty by your local NYPD officer.

  9. It’s possible to check out the claims of the family regarding his long “history” of mental illness and the drugs that “didn’t work.” There ought to be existing medical records, no? And if nothing worked, how in the world was he allowed to freely roam the streets?

    • Apparently his father was at the hospital with a sibling who was in a coma, and so only the mother was at home. That’s the claim, at least.

      • Rafael seems like you have quinoa brain. You have been raised as a kid to hate Muslims and your no different than radical Muslims/Christians/Jews/ atheist. Your brought up to hate a specific race or religion and that is dangerous my friend. You should deffinely find peace and love in your heart, it’s the only right way.

    • In this CBC News video, the Toronto Police dealt twice with Hussain’s mental issues.
      Ralph Goodale also said there’s no necessity to raise the National security level. Definitely a mental issue.

  10. Rafael you were raised to hate Muslims and that’s a common factor between you and radical Muslims/Jews/Christians. Find peace and love for everyone in your heart and judge a person by their own personal actions. And “doctoring of Tahya”, as a Muslim I tell you your quinoa brain to stop making up stuff your taking your child lessons to a whole different level

    • And you have mush for brains, seeing as you ignore what is going on in the world around you. Or should I address you as Achmed?


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